How to build a great customer support representative resume?

As a customer support representative, you are an outstanding communicator and a highly efficient, stress-proof troubleshooter providing the best customer experience. 

Your refined ability to handle multiple tasks at the same time may get you any customer support job.

This all will, however, be fruitless unless you spruce up your resume.

Follow these tips on how to build a great customer support CV, and let job offers pour in.

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1. Strong professional summary for your customer support resume

Your professional profile is a unique opportunity to capture a hiring manager’s attention and make them read through your entire CV. They say, “You only get one chance to make a first impression.”

Market your best skills, key achievements and strengths. Remember that all of these should directly relate to the job you are applying for.

Customer support professional profile example

A self-motivated, dedicated Customer Support Professional with 3+ years of experience in Customer Care. Adept at providing professional service and building customer relationships through responsiveness and appreciation. Improved new customer CSAT scores by 15% at Marknight. Exceeded sales targets by 22% in 2020 through enhancing tracking procedures.

2. The most effective skills to put on your customer support resume

Your resume should feature the most relevant skills. What does it mean?

Go over the job posting in question and target requirements that match your skills. Mention these competences at the top of your list.

Let us take a look at this excerpt from a customer service job ad:

What we expect

  • You are keen to provide outstanding customer support.
  • You are a great communicator, both in verbal and written.
  • You are able to problem-solve promptly, and you can handle stressful situations.
  • You are patient and you enjoy teaching customers at all levels of technical proficiency.
  • You know how to effectively prioritize responsibilities.
  • You are resourceful and precise.
  • Rotating shift work is no problem for you.
  • You embrace technology and you are eager to learn about the products our customers use.
  • You have superior knowledge of MS Office and you are familiar with Salesforce and customer support software. 

Based on these expectations, and given that your skills actually match them, you can perfectly build up the following soft and hard skill-sets for your customer support resume.

The best customer support soft skills for your resume

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Outstanding communication (oral and written)
  • Problem solving
  • Complaint resolution
  • Ability to handle stressful situations
  • Positive attitude
  • Patience
  • Willingness to improve
  • Organization
  • Time management
  • Attention to detail
  • Adaptability 

The most effective hard skills for your customer support CV

  • MS Office (Superior Proficiency)
  • Freshdesk (Superior Proficiency)
  • Salesforce (Medium Proficiency)
  • Dixa
  • Product Knowledge
  • ERP

3. Powerful job experience description for your customer support CV 

You already know the drill.

Go back to the job posting, stay relevant, and tailor your work experience section to the requirements in it. Quantify your achievements whenever you can.

Here’s another job ad example:

What you will be doing

  • Provide fast and on-target communication to Marknight users through email and phone.
  • Solve customer issues by building proficiency in relevant product areas and by learning to problem-solve.
  • Identify individual customer tendencies and enhance customer support processes by consulting with the team.
  • Document discrepancies for the Product team to support faster customer solutions.
  • Maintain our learning resources and expert system to improve the efficiency of the support we provide to customers. 

Building on the provided job posting information, you may craft your customer support work description as follows.

Customer support work experience example

Marknight, Texas
Customer Service Representative

  • Promptly answered product and service questions via phone and email, and effectively offered information on a variety of related products and services.
  • Placed an average of 120+ weekly orders from customers and agents.
  • Improved new customer CSAT scores by 15%.
  • Exceeded sales targets by 22% in 2020 through enhancing tracking procedures.
  • Managed to reduce the number of tickets for a recurring issue by 25%.
  • Mentored a team of 5 Customer Support Representatives to improve CES.


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4. The best way to list your education and academic achievements in your customer support resume

Never underestimate the education segment in your CV.

You may be used to seeing customer support job ads having a high school diploma as an acceptable qualification. However, there are many companies that do require you to have a post-secondary degree.

In any case, you should definitely use the education section to your advantage. Besides listing the school name, you may add your achievements or areas of interest related to the position you are applying for.

Customer support education section example

BA in English Language and Culture
Villa University, Texas

  • Areas of interest: Applied Communication, Personal Development
  • Finalist, Student Essay Writing Competition 2015
  • Led Student Speech Association

5. Useful extra sections to put on your customer support CV

Add extra sections to your resume, and you will be one step ahead of other candidates.

You may perfectly include your certifications, awards or interests that have moulded you into a great customer support professional. What’s more, if you’ve already had some previous customer care experience, it is a great strategy to incorporate impressive testimonials from your customers.

Pick the sections that best target your achievements and speak loudly about your interpersonal and technical skills.

  • Certifications and Courses
  • Training
  • Awards
  • Testimonials from Customers
  • Job Performance Reviews
  • Interests