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Supply Chain Project Manager Resume Sample
Position Overview:

Supply Chain Project Manager

A Supply Chain Project Manager oversees the ongoing and the creation of new projects which deal with manufacturing processes and supplying raw materials. They have to direct any issues which may pop up in the production mechanisms, be that a technical issue or an issue with the workforce. They devise ways in which production can be more efficient or create brand new processes for updated and new products. This entails logistical tasks like budgeting, choosing the right equipment, transportation, and much more. To be effective, a Supply Chain Project Manager has to be an individual with excellent knowledge of how supply mechanisms work and as well as have great problem-solving and organizational skills.

Company Overview:

Refriango is a company located in Angola, specializing in producing and distributing soft drinks, juices, waters, and alcoholic beverages. It is currently positioned at the top of Angolan companies and also as one of the biggest references in Africa.  Controlling a vast distribution and production network, a majority of the company’s workforce spends its time in a manufacturing-esque environment. This can be off-putting to some people seeking jobs but working at a lower position at eh beginning does not mean there are no opportunities to climb the ladder. The food and drinks industry, after all, is one where growth and stability are expected always – people do not suddenly stop being hungry!

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How to write your own Supply Chain Project Manager resume?

1. Demonstrate that you have the necessary knowledge 

The reason why you want to demonstrate a sufficient, if not a more than sufficient background, in supply chains and manufacturing, is that the niche skills you will need to manage them are mostly built up over time. Let this be somewhat of a personal introduction of your knowledge to the reader.

The way of doing this is typically listing relevant work experience but we think a more ‘eye-catching’ approach is providing the reader with a compilation of the information needed to make a judgment of whether you are skilled enough. Additionally, if you do not have much work experience, mention your education background, so long as it is relevant.

Supply Chain Project Manager Education Example

MBA in Company – Logistics / Fundação Dom Cabral, São Paulo, Brazil (2014 – 2016)

Supply Chain Management/Engineering / Georgie Institute of Technology, Georgie, USA (2012 - 2014)

  • "Measuring and Managing Performance in Supply Chain."

  • "Warehouse/Distribution Center Layout."

  • "Transportation/Distribution Planning and Management."

  • "Engineering of the Warehouse."

Manufacturing and Transportation Engineering / Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil (2007 – 2012)

2. Add skills that may become useful in unusual scenarios

Managers have to do many different things. Sometimes, they are tasked with something that they nor their supervisor suspected they would have to deal with as part of the job. But, those scenarios may indeed come up and it is good to show recruiters you are somewhat prepared for them.

For example, in a globalized world where companies from different parts of the world constantly look to build partnerships abroad, it can be helpful to have a Supply Manager that knows how to communicate with a foreigner on how to integrate their production mechanisms into their company’s. If you possess any skills of a similar nature, be sure to mention them.

Supply Chain Project Manager Skills Example


  • "Portuguese - Native"

  • "English - Full"

  • "Chinese - Elementary"

3. Be descriptive and technical

Applying for a position that requires this much theoretical and technical knowledge means recruiters will be looking for proof that you are indeed a qualified candidate. Work experience and skills are a part of the mix in conveying that to them. Still however, anyone can write down where they studied or worked before, fewer people can accurately and technically explain what they did or have learned. 

We want to emphasize the language you use here. Be sure to use technical terms and comprehensive descriptions wherever it may be relevant, as this is space in which you can show you actually know what you are talking about.

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