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Sr. Technical Support Specialist Resume Template (Text version)

Jackie Odell

Address: Christchurch, New Zealand
Nationality: American
Date of birth: 1969-01-11
Email address:
Phone number: 99999999999


Seeking employment as a Technical Support Specialist in a growing company to use my extension background in working with computer issues and networking solutions. 

Work experience

11/2002 - 05/2018, Sr. Specialist, IT Administration, T-Mobile USA, Bellevue, USA

T-Mobile USA Inc is the third largest Telecommunications company in the United States that employees over 51,000 across the states. I have worked in several T-Mobile Engineering offices at the corporate location working break fix issues on over 500 plus engineers laptop and desktops, in buildings containing well over 1000 people. Assisting multiple departments seeing their projects to completion. Trouble shooting networking, software, hardware problems. Either solving the issue alone or involving other teams like the Exchange or Server team for further assistance.

Configuring and trouble shooting MAC Books on the Domain for engineers supporting the retail environment.

Supported 15 plus retail stores with their computer equipment issues. Remotely or traveled to site. Throughout my tenure at T-Mobile I was always getting customer and team recognition for achievements and excellent service. Some of the projects I have worked on...

  • Retail Refresh: Setting up new computers for all the retail stores across the country to the latest OS and RAM. And assisted in shipping all units out to the field. Lasted several months
  • Video Displays in Corporate Office: System was updated, it worked in other buildings, but not in my office. I was tasked b a VP to get all the digital monitors operational. With the help of the Network Operations Team all monitors started working with documentation to detailing the technical configuration.
  • Windows 10 Upgrade: Helped roll out Windows 10 to all T-Mobile employees at the engineering office I supported. Consisting of inventory customers installed applications, saving data, re-imaging with Windows 10. Then rebuilding and customizing applications and settings. Did extensive work with the Fraud team with their links and applications to get them converted from Windows 7 to 10.
10/1990 - 02/1999, Lead Technician, Dow Jones Inc, Princeton, USA

Dow Jones & Company is an American publishing and financial information firm. I was the Lead Technician of Dow Jones Telerate department of 10 other techs that worked on deploying computer systems to companies  across the US for financial news and information. Coordinated work flow making sure orders were shipped out on time and configured correctly. Wrote most of the technical documentation for the department.

Department was ISO 9000 Certified. A few of my a accomplishments...

  • New Tech Depot build out: When the department moved to a new location I helped setup new office space with new network cabling, 4 different data lines to every bench.
  • Documentation: Wrote all technical documentation for all procedures done in the shop for ISO Certification.
  • Local Server Admin: Helped maintain a Novel server that held all the department orders and contact information with data back-ups and general maintenance of the system.
05/1999 - 11/2001, Technical Contractor, Alternative Resources Corporation, Edison, New jersey, USA

Alternative Resources Corporation  assists professionals with their employment needs for technical positions. I worked for ARC for a few years doing contract work all over New Jersey, doing anything from new PC roll outs, to NIC Card driver upgrades.

Some of the jobs that stood out are...

  • Lead Tech: Lead a team of 5 to upgrade all the computer systems and printer interfaces at FedEx Kinkos stores in New Jersey.
  • Lead Tech: Lead a team of 8 to upgrade computer systems OS in New York for St Paul Inc. . First system had to have a NIC upgrade then a new OS was pushed.
  • System Admin: Worked at Ecroc Cement Corp as phone / desktop support for their head office and their remote sales team.
  • System Admin: Maintained over 200 IBM servers. Made sure they where connected to the correct network so their services could be reached.


08/2002 - 02/2004, Web Design, HTML, JAVA, Oracle, Visual Basic 6.0, Chubb Institute, Parrsippany, USA


09/2015, Udemy, Certificate of Completion

Cisco CCNA (200-120) online course

04/2013, Coursera, Statement of Accomplishment

Computer Networks. Fundamental problems of  computer networks and design strategies used to solve networking problems.

05/2016, Global knowledge, Certificate of Completion

Administering Cisco Unified Communications


Microsoft OS
Windows 7
Windows 10
Microsoft Office
Office 2013/16
Office 365
Skype for Buisness
Tech Support
Hard working
Problem Solving
Desktops / Laptops
Cisco Routers / Switches
Documentation Writing
Active Directory
User and Computer Groups
High Sierra
Office for MAC


03/2018, Award Of Excellence, Boris Anonymized

Tyrone, thanks a lot for you prompt response and your help in resolving the problem with my laptop. Because of this sudden laptop problem I was in a situation when i could not start working on a important project of national scale on scheduled time and many people involved in this project would be affected. However, because of your help I was able to transfer all data to another laptop to start the project as scheduled.

02/2018, You're a Rock Star, Robert Anonymized

I just wanted to take a moment to thank Tyrone for saving me today. my laptop died last night and in the middle of a huge SAN migration effort. This is a 4 million dollar project and touches 250 different applications. The project wold have been thrown totally of course if not for his great work. Tyrone had a new laptop ready for me within 2 hours of my initial email. I consider that pretty AMAZING and deserving of some recognition.

05/2016, Results Matter, Eric Anonymized

I wanted to says Thanks to Tyrone for all the great service he provides us. Whether it be the normal 9-5 of support or some crazy issue with out software, he always there for us. Recently he has helped my team with memory issues, reporting software for contractors and resolving incorrectly ordered PC Hardware.

Social Media

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Position Overview:

Senior Technical Support Specialist

As a Senior Technical Support Specialist, your main mission will be to make sure that the company's networks, desktops, laptops, etc. are working properly and if not, you'll be responsible for fixing it and resolving any IT-related issues. Besides that, you will also spend a lot of your work time on the installation, configuration, and maintenance of various software and hardware, providing technical support to colleagues and customers, and completing regular systems backups. Therefore, to become a good technical support employee, you should be able to demonstrate your skills and experience in computer science and knowledge of various computer systems.

Company Overview:

Based on various employee reviews and ratings, this famous cell-phone service company is a great place to work, especially if you are a technology enthusiast. Not only they offer benefits like awesome health and dental insurance and childcare subsidy, but you can also receive stock options and will get amazing cell-phone-related perks. The organizational culture at T-Mobile is laid-back and full of people who are good team players. Moreover, if you decide to apply and get a job there, you'll be working for one of the highest-rated CEOs in the world, John Legere, who got an incredible 96 percent approval rating from employees.

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How to write your own Sr. Technical Support Specialist resume?

1. Choose a readable font

Remember, your resume is not the best place to experiment. What's more, it can be as good as you want but it doesn't matter if the hiring managers can't read it. That's the main reason why picking the right font is important, although it may sound trivial. Try to stick to professional and well-established fonts, such as Calibri, Times New Roman, Georgia, Arial, etc. and they will do a lot for your resume. On the other hand, avoid fonts that look childish or are very hard to read, for example, Bradel Hand ITC, Vivaldi, and Kristen ITC.

2. Divide your skills into subsections

For this and some other IT-related positions, the skills section is actually one of the most important parts of a resume. It's usually one of the first things the recruiters will look at when they are looking for a person with certain abilities or knowledge of specific software. That's why making it as good as you can is essential. So how to create a perfect skills section? First of all, stay relevant and only include skills which you feel are important. Secondly, divide them into small subsections based on the type of skills. Finally, support the skills with specific examples in other parts of your resume.

Senior Technical Support Specialist Skills Example

  • "Microsoft OS - Windows 7, Windows 10"

  • "Microsoft Office - Office 2013/16, Office 365, Skype for Business"

  • "WAN / LAN - TCP/IP, 802.11, VLAN'sSubneting"

  • "Hardware - Desktops / Laptops, Cisco Routers / Switches"

3. Include important certifications

Your resume should create a complex image of you as a potential employee so you should not only focus on a few parts of it and leave others behind. The smaller sections can actually significantly boost your chances of getting hired, you just need to know what to mention and how to mention it. For instance, in the case of certificates, things that are directly related to the position you are applying for are a big plus and ought to be definitely included. After putting all relevant certificates and licenses together, place this section right after the education or skills part. The certificates section of a resume above provides a great example of how to do it.

Senior Technical Support Specialist Certificates Example

  • "Cisco CCNA (200-120) Online Course / Udemy (9/2015)"

  • "Computer Networks Certificate / Coursera (04/2013)"

  • "Administering Cisco Unified Communications / Global Knowledge (05/2016)"

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