Land a job as a retail store manager with this resume guide

A resume guide for retail store managers that includes actionable writing tips and resume examples. Topics covered include resume formatting, how to write a resume summary, choosing skills to include on a resume, describing work experience, and properly listing education. 

Pursuing a career in retail will almost always include spending time in the position of a retail store manager. To earn such a position, you must create a resume that showcases your retail expertise alongside your management abilities clearly and succinctly

In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about writing a retail store manager resume.

Keep reading to learn about:

  • The best resume format for retail store managers
  • How to write a resume summary as a retail store manager
  • Key retail management skills to include on a resume
  • How to describe work experience as a retail store manager
  • The correct way to list education on a resume

1. The best resume format for retail store managers

Generally speaking, the reverse-chronological resume is the best format to use when applying to management positions.

This resume will focus primarily on your work experience, listing your most recent job first and working backward from that point.

If you lack an extensive retail work history but do have a solid academic background in retail management, then the functional resume is the right choice for you. This resume format focuses on education, skills, and unpaid experience over formal work experience. 

There is also a third option known as the hybrid resume. This format combines elements of both the reverse-chronological and functional to spread the focus of the resume out evenly between all sections. If you have some relevant work experience coupled with certifications or management training, this format may work best for you. 

2. How to write a resume summary as a retail store manager

A resume summary is an introductory statement at the beginning of the document. Its main purpose is to hook the attention of the reader – in this case, an employer, with eye-catching details such as key achievements or awards. 

Below, we have provided an example of a weak retail manager resume summary, followed by a correction and explanation to help better illustrate how to write a strong summary. 

Incorrect retail store manager resume summary example:

Retail Store Manager with experience managing a large retail warehouse with many employees. Highly connected with local merchants and production factories. Skilled at sourcing lower-cost suppliers with high-quality products. 

What's wrong with this example? When writing a resume summary, you always want to strive to be as specific as possible. Your summary is what you use to hook the attention of employers, so both the details you include and the language you use need to be compelling. 

Corrected retail store manager resume summary example:

Results-Oriented Retail Store Manager with 6+ years of experience managing a large retail warehouse with 150+ employees. Highly connected to local merchants and factory owners, allowing for lower-cost sourcing and production costs. Sourced a new supplier of canned goods at a supermarket that resulted in a 30% profit increase in the food department.     

Why is this better? In this corrected example, the applicant offers a lot more specific information regarding their experience managing large business teams and their ability to source lower-cost goods to increase company profits. These types of details show employers not only your accomplishments but your ability to provide additional value to the company as an employee. 

3. Key retail management skills to include on a resume

As a retail manager, you are not only responsible for the daily technical operations of a store but also for the interpersonal management and supervision of staff. This means that you need a large set of both technical and interpersonal skills to succeed within the position. 

Skills can be used in many ways on a resume. Aside from a dedicated skills section, they can also be placed in your resume summary and work experience section to add extra detail and interest to your resume. 

To help you brainstorm key retail management skills for your resume, here are 10 great examples of both technical and interpersonal abilities to consider including: 

Technical skills

  • Staff Scheduling
  • Hiring and Onboarding
  • Daily Bookkeeping
  • Inventory Management
  • Budget Preparation
  • Setting Sales Goals
  • Knowledge of Legal Retail Compliance 
  • Sourcing Product Suppliers
  • Product Ordering
  • Performance Appraisals

Interpersonal skills 

  • Leadership
  • Delegation
  • Active Listening
  • Empathy
  • Organization
  • Verbal and Written Communication
  • Multi-Tasking
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Critical Thinking
  • Collaboration

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4. How to describe work experience as a retail store manager

Listing your work experience is a crucial component of writing a resume – but do you know how to effectively describe your work experience to impress employers? 

To describe your work experience engagingly, it is important to include as many specific and quantifiable details as possible. This can include key skills, accomplishments, and responsibilities held in your various previous positions. 

Here is an example of a work experience entry from a retail store manager resume:

Retail Store Manager | Belk, Inc. 

Chicago, IL | June 2016 to May 2020

  • Hired and supervised a staff of 30+ employees, including providing training and feedback sessions to improve overall staff performance. 
  • Developed weekly, monthly, and annual sales goals, including individual sales goals for each sales associate, increasing average monthly sales by 25%. 
  • Sourced new product suppliers through market and trend research, ensuring store displays and inventory were always stocked with the latest popular products. 

5. The correct way to list education on a resume

Rising to a management position in the retail industry requires one of the following pre-requisites:

  • An extensive work history in multiple retail positions (Merchandiser, Floor Supervisor, etc.)
  • An Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in a related field
  • A moderate amount of work history in retail coupled with relevant certifications

No matter which of these applies to you, it is important to always list your highest level of education, as well as any relevant training programs or certifications you have. Most retail jobs will require at minimum a high school diploma or GED, but it will vary from employer to employer. 

Here is an example of a well-crafted education section on a retail store manager resume: 



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