Including volunteering in your resume is always a great idea. But once you've decided to do it, you unavoidably arrive at the question: how to include volunteer experience on your resume exactly?

If you do it well, it can completely elevate your resume above others. If not, it can make your resume more difficult to navigate. 

Above all else, the volunteering section of your resume is one of the few places where you can demonstrate your character

It shows what you care about and what you find important. It can make you look proactive, invested in your community, and even selfless. 

In other words, the volunteering section of your resume can make you irresistible to employers. So how do you make it stand out?

This guide will help you with it.

 It will also answer these pressing questions:

  • What is the resume volunteer experience section?
  • Why should you list your volunteer experience on your resume?
  • Where should you put your volunteer experience section on a resume?
  • How to write one if you’re a student or a fresh graduate?
  • How to write one as an experienced professional?
  • And more.

How to include volunteer work experience on a resume (video guide)

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Published on Feb. 28, 2023