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Quality Assurance Engineer Resume Example (Full Text Version)

Dwyane Wade

Address: Verona, Italy
Date of birth: 1999-19-09
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Highly qualified QA Engineer with over 4 years experience in software industry, solution-oriented and hands-on technical utility player, centered in software testing . Ability to learn quickly, often in high pressure situations, in order to fully understand a new product, platform or any mixture of the two.

Skills summary

Manual Testing
  • Conducting testing on all testing stages as part of regular SLDC
  • Identification of test requirements based on business requirements
  • Defect management with Jira
  • Test design for automation; testing documentation creation and maintenance;
  • Coordinating with multiple departments for resolving issues faced during integration
  • Regression testing, smoke testing, integration testing, acceptance testing
  • Delivered quality software through quality control test reports, determining software quality and readiness for release.

  • Creating and executing scripts to automate manual test cases for saving manual efforts using webdriver.io + JS

Work Profile

05/2018 - 11/2018, QA Engineer, BETLAB

BETLAB Platform for Sportsbook sphere

After joining the Channels team, the challenges and daily requirements of my role were entirely based in testing of web and mobile web projects.

Role: In my day to day I primarily focus on :

  1. Requirements analysis, design reviews(of new features starting from the planning phase ).
  2. Development and maintenance of test cases according functional specification.
  3. Execution of manual testing (functional, regression, sanity, smoke) .
  4. Issues management(Jira), BI incidents management.
  5. Web application test case automation (webdriver.io + Javascript) .
  6. Releases sign-off responsibility

Stack:    Javascript(NodeJS, Riot.js) Tools:   JIRA, Confluence, Postman, Visual Studio, webdriver.io + Javascript for automation, Swagger, Kibana

06/2014 - 05/2018, QA Engineer, DataArt

Private Equity Bank File Management and Reporting System

I was transitioned to their dedicated technical team and participated in whole QA process.

The project is a customer service portal monitoring of the state of funds and communication of information to different entities internally and externally.

Stack: Asp.Net Tools:  TFS, Confluence, Postman, Visual Studio, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Test Manager, Visual Studio,

My role was:

  1. Communication with the customers and BA's from Great Britain.
  2. Requirements analysis, design reviews .
  3. Development and maintenance of test cases according functional specification.
  4. Execution of manual testing (functional, regression, sanity, smoke) .
  5. Helping with development of regression suite of automated test cases.

Airport car  parking management system

This role had me at the intersection of working on web, desktop and hardware testing.

The project is a vehicle access management solution system for one of the major airport parking companies in the USA. The main functionality of a system is management of parking facilities which includes: barriers and columns control, developing POS applications.

Stack: JavaScript, C#, Microsoft SQL Server. Tools: Jira, Confluence.

My role was:

  1. Development and maintenance of test documentation: Test cases, User Stories, Test Reports;
  2. Testing software for hardware(WPF applications) along with web part of the project;
  3. Performed black box functional testing, client UI testing, grey box testing using databases;
  4. Regression testing, integration testing, acceptance testing and performance testing;
  5. Communication with the client in daily meetings.

Skyscanner White Label v2

Was my first project as a Junior QA. Work in the project brought me the base of my practical knowledge in manual testing My work included:

  1. Manual application testing: regression , smoke , sanity , cross-platform , cross-browser,
  2. mobile;
  3. Creation of use cases, user stories, test cases;Issues creating, updating in BTS (JIRA)
  4. Bug fixes verification;

Languages:    Js, Tools:   Jira, Confluence, Zephyr, Visual Studio,


Master of Science (MSc), National University of "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy", Kyiv, Ukraine


Software Tools
Automation tools
Postman/ Swagger
Management tools
Test Cases, Test Reports, User Stories

Certificates and Courses

04/2018, GlobalLogic Automation ProCamp
04/2018, StartIT JavaScript Functional Web Automation


Position Overview:

Quality Assurance Engineer

A quality assurance engineer ensures that products and services meet the required quality standards. They identify defects, monitor production processes, and develop strategies to improve the quality of products. The role also involves collaborating with other teams, such as development and testing teams, to resolve issues and implement changes. Quality assurance engineers use their technical knowledge and analytical skills to ensure that products meet customer expectations and comply with industry standards.

Company Overview:

Being one of the leading global product design and development, digital platform engineering agencies in the world, EPAM Systems is the place any software specialist could want to work in. In a time when companies are fully embracing the digital age to better their customer service and make their operations more efficient, EPAM is sure to be a busy workplace. Working there, you will find that there are teams of people constantly working on something. Designing company databases, tools for engaging clients, and more. You will undoubtedly find something that will challenge you and put your skills to the test.

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