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Provisioning Specialist Resume Example (Full Text Version)

Luiz Willem

Address: Ministro Petronio Portela, 9999999, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Nationality: Brazilian
Date of birth: 1982-11-11
Phone: +99 99 99999999
Web: https://www.lin...anonymised


I am a consultant with thirteen years of experience in Telecom System Architecture, Technical Design, and system configuration. Expert in conducting tests for order managers, subscriber provisioning, and maintaining rating and billing systems as part of the Telco's BSS/OSS solution. I have gathered knowledge of services fulfillment and the provisioning rules for 3G and 4G networks for big carriers and MVNO M2M business scenarios. I have extensive experience with Revenue Assurance analysis in Telecom, using Data Science to prevent fraud and revenue losses.

Work experience

07/2016 - present, Provisioning Specialist, Porto Seguro Conecta, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Company: Porto Seguro Conecta is a Brazilian mobile operator, the first one in the country to adopt the MVNO model, which belongs to the Porto Seguro group. The operator has existed since August 2011 and is one of the fastest growing MNVOs in the country.
  • Roles: As a Provisioning Specialist I am responsible for:
  1. Design, documentation, gathering requirements, and technical leadership for all projects that include OSS for Provisioning needs over EMA (Ericsson Multi Activator) and Network Elements like Ericsson HLR, HSS, MiO (SMSc and Voicemail), MTAS (for VoWiFi), ECE (for number portability), Ericsson Charging System (for online charging) and the G&D OTA solution.
  2. Logical inventory adminstration, loading SIM card files and managing ranges of phone numbers.
  3. Revenue Assurance report design and development for reconciling CRM with the Network Elements base, avoiding revenue losses and frauds caused by Provisioning Asynchrony, using data science methods in Python.
  4. Provisioning system EMA (Ericsson Multi Activator) operation support, working to fix issues, analysing errors and unusual behaviors.
  5. Design provisioning solutions for Voice, Data and M2M new offers.
  • Main Accomplishments:
  1. M2M Self Care system: Requested by Product Team, this system will be used by our M2M customers to self-manage their own subscriptions, allowing them to activate a new simcard, deactivate, suspend, add network services (like SMS MT and MO, Voice, Circuit Data etc), and change line number and other network actions. This is essential for Porto Seguro B2B customers like vehicle tracking, credit card machines, and other embedded system customers. I was responsible in this project for OSS (network provisioning) solution Design (Bussiness and System Use Cases) and Technical Leading.
  2. Reconciliation (Network vs CRM) procedures Design and Development: Automated reports generation and asynchronisms fix over network elements using data science methods in python programing language and message exchange protocols as SOAP, REST and MML to send provisioning commands into engineering network elements like HLR/HSS, PCRF, SMSc and VoiceMail Platform.
12/2015 - 07/2016, Provisioning Solution Archtect, Ericsson, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Company: Ericsson is a multinational networking and telecommunications equipment and services company with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. The company offers services, software and infrastructure in information and communications technology (ICT) for telecommunication operators.
  • Roles: As a Solution Architect Consultant inside Nextel Carrier, I was responsible for:
  1. Provisioning System NPX (Ericsson) issue analysis and fix.
  2. New Provisioning solutions design, development, and tests.
  3. Revenue Assurance Reconciliation procedures design and development in order to match CRM and Engineering Network. Reporting and fixing divergences and reports development to match CDR's and billing databases, in order to find revenue losses and reprocessing it in order to recover this revenue.
08/2015 - 12/2015, BSCS Solution Architect Consultant, Ericsson, Santiago, Chile

Roles: As BSCS Solution Architect Consultant, I was responsible for BSCS (Billing System) for CBiO Configuration Design, writing all functional documentation for Entel Telecom as part of Entel Billing System migration project.

07/2007 - 08/2015, Provisioning System Consultant, Nextel Telecomunicações, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Company: Nextel Telecomunicações is a Brazilian subsidiary of NII Holdings, Inc, a mobile communications services company headquartered in Reston, Virginia, United States, where it started in 1987.
  • Roles: As Provisioning System Consultant, I was responsible for:
  1. Developing Functional and Technical Design, and also for the NPX tests and configurations of Ericsson Provisioning System for all network CRM services.
  2. Revenue Assurance reports and anti-fraud analysis, matching CRM and Engineering Network databases.
  3. Project alignment between engineering and IT.
  4. Global schedule alignment between local IT in Brazil, other Nii markets in Latin America and Nii HQ in USA for projects related to provisioning.
  5. Provisioning configurations in Oracle Database, over SOAP, REST and MML interfaces for the NPX Provisioning System, as part of the Ericsson BSCS OSS/BSS solution.
  • Main Accomplishments:
  1. 3G Network deploy: In this turning point Project, Nextel added 3G offer plans to its portfolio, in order to migrate customers from its old PTT network technology known as iDen. I was responsible for all Provisioning bussiness rules mapping, non functional requirements gathering like hardware sizing and network capacity for OSS systems. I also wrote all Bussiness and System Use cases and did all configurarions for NPX Ericsson Provisioning System, designed all Interfaces between Provisioning System and Order Manager specifications. I further gave support for E2E tests and UAT and implantation. With my work in this project, Nextel avoided more expenses, since it was not necessary to hire Ericsson for these activities.
  2. Network Reconciliation: Revenue Assurance Reconciliation procedures design and development, in order to generate reports and fixes for divergences between Billing System/CRM and Engeneering Network. With these procedures that I carried out, Nextel was able to avoid network frauds and revenue losses caused by CRM vs network divergences. The automatic fixes that I implemented over this reconciliation helped decrease calls to company's customer care area as network problems started to be corrected automatically.
02/2006 - 07/2007, Co-billing System Consultant, Vivo Telecomunicações, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Company: Vivo is a trademark of the Telefónica Group in Brazil. It is a concessionaire of mobile, fixed, and broadband internet and pay TV in Brazil. It was formed by the merger of former state cellular companies.
  • About Co-billing in Telecom: Co-billing occurs when we bill one of our customers on behalf of a long distance service provider for services rendered to our customers by that carrier.
  • Roles: As a Co-billing system consultant, I was responsible for handling all sorting and billing flows, avoiding revenue losses. I further ensured that all long-distance voice calls that were made using the company's long-distance codes were properly charged and paid by originating operators. With my contribution I carried out functional and technical design for a web portal in our Co-billing system containing multiple dashboards to analyze all co-billing flow, allowing Vivo to accurately analyze each point of the process, and so they were able to improve revenues and avoid losses.
08/2004 - 02/2006, OSS/BSS Operation Support Analyst, Claro Telecomunicações, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Company: Claro is a telecommunications operator that was created in Brazil, as a result of the union of six regional operators. It is controlled by the Mexican company América Móvil, one of the largest mobile phone groups in the world.
  • Roles: As OSS and BSS Operation Support Analyst, I was responsible for overseeing that the rating and billing systems are working properly, tracking bill cycle processment and invoice generation. In my contribution with the company I was able to avoid revenue losses by fixing issues in rating and billing processment, and also removing fraudulent customers from our database.
02/2003 - 08/2004, System Analyst, Softcomex, Campinas, Brazil
  • Company: Softcomex is a brazilian software company specializing in international trade support systems.
  • Roles: As a System Analyst I was responsible for funcional and technical design for international trade support system for customers like Kodak and Yamaha Brazil.


09/2017 - 10/2017, Data Science Fundamentals 1, Udacity Brasil, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Nanodegree Data Science Fundamentals 1

02/2001 - 11/2005, Computer Engineering, Pontifícia Universidade Católica, São Paulo, Brazil

Computer Engineering Bachelor's Degree


System Architecture
Requirements Gathering
Use Cases Design
Functional Write
Technical Write
Test Planning
Telecom Platform - Provisioning
HLR Huawei/Ericsson
HSS Huawei/Ericsson
Huawei PCRF
Ericsson MiO (SMSc and Voice Mail)
Jinny SMSc
Movius Voice Mail
Ericsson Charging System
Alcatel-Lucent ICC
Ericsson VAS SEF
BSS/OSS System
Ericsson NPX - Provisioning
Ericsson EMA - Provisioning
Ericsson EMM - Mediation
Ericsson BSCS iX


12/2016, Java I: First Steps, Alura, https://cursos.alu...anonymised...

Java First Steps

12 hours

12/2016, Java II: Object Orientation, Alura, https://cursos.alu...anonymised...

Java Object Orientation

12 hours

Position Overview:

Provisioning Specialist

A Provisioning Specialist has become an indispensable part of any company with ties to telecoms/ICT. Their primary professional characteristics are usually highly developed leadership skills, logical thinking, organization, and responsibility. Parts of their duties also include talking to customers and co-workers from different teams, so communication skills can be paramount. Other important duties of a Provisioning Specialist include providing an interface with members of customer teams regularly in order to come up with a most effective solution, reviewing productivity reporting and systems to identify any trends, and lastly serving as SME level support with a focus on adhering to processes.

Company Overview:

Celfocus is a joint venture of Vodafone Portugal and Novabase, the biggest Portuguese information technology company. They are a transactional solutions company, aimed at providing clients and customers high-tech transactional products, consulting and technology services, including system integration. A market leader, their strategy is having a solid vision of what works based on specifically developed rules. Working here, one can experience the atmosphere of a busy and resourceful firm. That is only further built up a by a nice working environment and well-adjusted salaries. These things are especially important as employees in these kinds of companies can find themselves at work even after hours.

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