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Provisioning Specialist Resume Example
Position Overview:

Provisioning Specialist

A Provisioning Specialist has become an indispensable part of any company with ties to telecoms/ICT. Their primary professional characteristics are usually highly developed leadership skills, logical thinking, organization, and responsibility. Parts of their duties also include talking to customers and co-workers from different teams, so communication skills can be paramount. Other important duties of a Provisioning Specialist include providing an interface with members of customer teams regularly in order to come up with a most effective solution, reviewing productivity reporting and systems to identify any trends, and lastly serving as SME level support with a focus on adhering to processes.

Company Overview:

Celfocus is a joint venture of Vodafone Portugal and Novabase, the biggest Portuguese information technology company. They are a transactional solutions company, aimed at providing clients and customers high-tech transactional products, consulting and technology services, including system integration. A market leader, their strategy is having a solid vision of what works based on specifically developed rules. Working here, one can experience the atmosphere of a busy and resourceful firm. That is only further built up a by a nice working environment and well-adjusted salaries. These things are especially important as employees in these kinds of companies can find themselves at work even after hours.

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How to write your own Provisioning Specialist resume?

1. Give recruiters a brief introduction of your work history and motivations

It is generally a good idea to tell the people who are reading your resume, very briefly, who you are both professionally and personally. This, plus an outline of your reason for why you wrote your resume in the first place should give them something they can always return to while reading the resume or, in fact, once they are done reading it and want to refer to you easily. Give them something that will stick to their minds!

Provisioning Specialist Profile Example

  • "I am a consultant with thirteen years of experience in Telecom System Architecture, Technical Design, and system configuration. Expert in conducting for order managers, subscriber provisioning, and maintaining rating and billing systems as part of the Telco’s BSS/QSS solution. I have gathered knowledge of services fulfillment and the provisioning rules for 3G and 4G networks for big carriers and MVNO M2M business scenarios. I have extensive experience with Revenue Assurance analysis in Telecom, using Data Science to prevent fraud and revenue losses."

2. Differentiate yourself from the crowd

Many people can claim that they are experts in providing specific services to a firm, but fewer really have something to show for it. If you really want to stand out and add something that can stick to the minds of the readers, should you have the option, include any successes you had achieved in a previous work position or certificates/awards you received as a result of good work. 

Provisioning Specialist Achievements Example

Provisioning Specialist / Porto Seguro Conecta, Sao Paulo, Brazil (07/2016 – present)

Main Accomplishments:

  • "M2M Self Care system; Requested by Product Team, this system will be used by our M2M subscriptions, allowing them to activate a new simcard, deactivate, suspend, add network services (like SMS MT and MO, Voice, Circuit Data, etc), and change line number and other network actions. This is essential for Porto Seguro B2B customers like vehicle tracking, credit card machines, and other embedded system customers. I was responsible in this project for OSS (network provisioning) solution Design (Business and System Use Cases) and Technical Leading."

3. Provide an overview of your entire workplace toolkit

As someone working to consult the firm on multiple matters, the people hiring you will be more confident in their choice for you if they know that the person coming to the company can really help them with anything. To add this confidence and score bonus points for your resume, add any skills that you could use to address any query that may arise while at work.

Provisioning Specialist Skills Example

  • "Python - Good"

  • "PL/SQL - Very Good"

  • "Bash - Very Good"

  • "AWK - Very Good"

  • "Java - Sufficient"

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