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Software Intern at Cisco Resume Sample (Full Text Version)

Louis Samhen

Email address:
Phone number: 999-999-999


Curious computer science student with 8+ years of experience in artificial intelligence and software development. Contributed to 7+ open source repositories while maintaining active progress on personal projects. Seeking opportunities in artificial intelligence and software application industries.


University of California - Santa Barbara | 06/2025, Santa Barbara, California
  • Computer Science (Bachelor of Science)
  • Psychology & Brain Science (Bachelor of Science)
  • 3.85 GPA
  • Relevant Coursework: Computer Architecture, Computer Vision, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Computer Networks

Work Experience

2021 - present, Student Technology Director, Associated Students of the University of California Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, California
  • Deploy 3 AI bots for association-wide usage using naive bayes to double paperwork and communication efficiency while following campus technology policies.
  • Connect with private vendors for API access to integrate applications for department usage.
  • Revamp the onboarding process to reduce confusion about proprietary app processes.
  • Modernize websites, increasing student-association interaction, and generating 26% more positive feedback.
  • Overhaul documentation of technology within the association for future staff employment and code improvements.
2022 - present, Technology Director, Isla Vista Tenants Union, Isla Vista, California
  • Initiate custom committee solutions including: chatbot for commonly asked questions using decision trees, scheduling software using logistic regression to auto-reschedule tenants in between open slots, and classifying property managements on using sentimental analysis.
  • Establish an ad hoc committee of 15 individuals to divide the custom software into buildable modules, enhancing software development times by 30%.
  • Organize the website to deliver key information for student tenants while conforming to WCAG 2 requirements.
2021 - present, Senior Webmaster, UCSB SexInfo Online, Santa Barbara, California
  • Lead a web development team of 5 to monitor and refactor the website while allowing for backward compatibility with existing APIs.
  • Design website to satisfy university and WCAG 2 requirements.
  • Improve website cache load times by 13%.
  • Document web services for future web admins while simplifying the 8-hour onboarding process by 2 hours.
  • Oversee the Sexinfo WordPress plugin, ensuring bug fixes and a 99.99% uptime.
2015 - 2021, Social Relations and Outreach Manager, Righteous Quest Foundation, El Monte, California
  • Directed social media and outreach campaigns that increased community engagement by 27%.
  • Collaborated with community institutions and small businesses to honor the unsung heroes of yesterday.
  • Restructured meetings to triple the working capacity of the department.


Python & PyTorch
C++ & Rust
Fullstack Web
SQL & MongoDB
Adobe Suite
Microsoft Office 365
Linux & Git
Brainfuck Language
Position Overview:

As a Software Intern, you will join our dynamic team and gain hands-on experience in developing and testing software applications. Collaborating with experienced software engineers, you will participate in various stages of the development process, including coding, debugging, and problem-solving. This internship offers a valuable learning opportunity, enabling you to sharpen your technical skills, work with cutting-edge technologies, and contribute to real-world projects, setting the foundation for a successful career in the software industry.

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