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Mining Engineer Resume Sample
Position Overview:

Mining Engineer

A Mining Engineer is responsible for designing, constructing, and operating mine workings to extract earth material used in further construction, manufacturing, or energy production. Their work varies substantially based on the material being mined and stage of a mining operation currently underway. Their responsibilities may include exploring proposed mining sites and carrying feasibility studies, conducting test drilling, using software to design underground and surface workings, and looking at different methods of mining to improve a mine’s running. The job may require exposure to a reasonable degree of danger, which is reflected in a relatively high compensation. Technical skills, as well as physical endurance, are valuable assets.

Company Overview:

Sinarmas is one of the largest conglomerates in Indonesia. It controls a number of subsidiaries including Asia Pulp & Paper and PT SMART. Its businesses operate in a multitude of different sectors like real estate, finance, agribusiness, telecommunications, and mining. The company, due to its sheer size is able to pick up many qualified and genuinely nice co-workers, which helps build a supportive work environment. It also provides employees with a lot of cash allowances, making their lives a little easier. However, a side-effect of the big size is a lot of bureaucracy and slow decision-making at the management level, resulting in possible hurdles at lower levels.

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How to write your own Mining Engineer resume?

1. Demonstrate a sufficient formal background in the area

Having to create and maintain the complex constructions and systems in place in mining sites requires one to really be sure of the judgments they make at the workplace every day. After all, the job carries with it the responsibility for miners’ lives.

Employers in this industry want to prevent disasters, which is reflected in the qualifications of the people they hire. If you wish to be seriously considered for a position like Mining Engineer, it is crucial that you demonstrate a more than sufficient knowledge of the mining profession and everything that surrounds it, especially from a technical point of view.

Mining Engineer Resume Publications Example

Scientific Paper - Genius Olympiad, USA / (05/2013)


Scientific Paper - Mostratech Olympiad, Brazil


2. Showcase practical abilities that are useful for this type of work

Along with a formal account of your qualifications for this position should come a more practical approach. How exactly can you ensure a well-functioning and safer environment for people doing dangerous tasks?

Give the reader an idea by listing what tools are at your disposal, should a challenge or issue arise. Try to create an image in their heads about how you would go on approaching these situations and how you’d present solutions to them. This is also a space for you to showcase some of your soft skills, as you will have to communicate your moves to superiors comprehensively and clearly.

Mining Engineer Resume Skills Example

  • "Microsoft Office - Excellent"

  • "Datamine - Good"

  • "Adobe Photoshop - Good"

  • "AutoCAD - Very Good"

3. Add a personal touch 

When making a choice for who to hire for such a high-stakes position, recruiters look for individuals who will not quit easily. This can be the case with many individuals who maybe aren’t as good at handling pressure as they thought they would. 

Showing recruiters that you have something to take your mind off of work stress can show that despite how hard it may get, you have methods to calm yourself down and remain stable. This is crucial, since hiring someone for a couple of months is not beneficial to the company, and having cold-headed engineers will ensure that everything is safe.

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