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GNC Engineer Resume Sample (Full Text Version)

Orion Hawthorne

Nationality: American
Email address:
Phone number: 999-999-999


09/2013 - 06/2016, Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia, United States
  • GPA 4.0 (Top 1% of the Program)
  • The 2015 Academic Excellence Award winner

Work Experience

04/2019 - present, GNC engineer, Northrop Grumman, Virginia, United States
  • Developed and implemented innovative energy-efficient solutions, resulting in a 20% reduction in energy consumption for GNC systems.
  • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to design and test control algorithms, enhancing the performance and reliability of GNC components.
  • Conducted extensive data analysis and simulations, identifying and rectifying deficiencies in existing GNC algorithms, leading to a 15% improvement in system accuracy.
  • Led a team of engineers in the successful integration and testing of GNC systems for multiple satellite missions, ensuring compliance with project timelines and specifications.
07/2016 - 03/2019, Aerospace Engineering Technician, Northrop Grumman, Virginia, United States
  • Assisted in the design and development of cutting-edge aerospace components, collaborating with a multidisciplinary team to optimize performance and efficiency.
  • Executed complex assembly processes, utilizing precision tools and techniques to construct and integrate aircraft structures and systems.
  • Maintained meticulous documentation of all engineering activities, accurately recording test results, modifications, and maintenance procedures to facilitate effective troubleshooting and future reference.


Computer Skills
CAD Software


Technical expertise
Analytical skills
Problem solver
Detail oriented


2020, Certified Systems Engineering Professional
  • First Class Honours (Top 5% of the Programme)


Amateur Astronomy
Scuba Diving
Exploring Chinese tea culture
Position Overview:

A GNC (Guidance, Navigation, and Control) Engineer is responsible for developing and implementing systems that ensure the accurate and precise movement or control of vehicles, spacecraft, or equipment. They design, test, and optimize GNC algorithms and software, enabling vehicles to navigate, maintain stability, and reach their intended destinations. GNC Engineers work in various industries, including aerospace, automotive, and robotics, and play a critical role in ensuring the safety, reliability, and performance of complex systems. Their expertise in mathematics, physics, and engineering principles is essential for achieving successful guidance, navigation, and control solutions.

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