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Electrical Assistant CV Example (Text version)

Pete Buttigieg

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Focused and hardworking electrotechnology pre apprenticeship graduate looking to begin a new career as an apprentice in the electrotechnology industry.

Work experience

04/2018 - 05/2018, Electrical Trade Assistant, Force Power (Work Placement Experience), Gosnells, Western Australia, Australia
  • Assist the electrician in setting up the electrical tasks and refitting the vehicle as required.
  • Using power tools and other hand tools to assist the electrician in electrical installations
  • Assist the electrician in electrical diagnostics for faults in domestic, commercial and light industrial settings.
  • Part of work experience requirement by Tafe and acquired 6 weeks of full time work experience in total.
04/2017 - 01/2019, Independent Logistics Contractor, ABN: 53795900950, Perth, Western Australia, Australia
  • Independent logistics contractor providing removal services (furniture and non hazardous recycle items) and people transportation within the Perth metropolitan area.
  • Planning of transportation routes for transport efficiency
  • Develop business by gaining new contracts and liaising with clients.
  • Basic bookkeeping, people management and customer service skills used to ensure profitability as an independent logistics contractor.
02/2012 - 06/2017, Senior Sales Consultant, Super Amart, Cannington, Western Australia, Australia
  • Achieve average sales of between $25,000 to $30,000 per week for Super Amart.
  • Prospect potential customers and maintain follow ups with potential customers.
  • Increase business profitability by acquiring potential customers (identifying customer needs).
  • Support sales manager and branch manager in various aspects of the business.
06/2009 - 08/2011, Computer Technician, Hammer Computers, Perth, Western Australia, Australia
  • Customise desktop computers in accordance with the needs of potential customers.
  • Provide helpdesk and visitation services to customers with computer issues.
  • Provide basic home networking services to potential customers.
07/2007 - 04/2009, Audio Visual Consultant, Myer Garden City, Melville, Western Australia, Australia
  • Provide solutions to potential customers on home audio video set up.
  • Educate customers on making the right decisions before the purchase of an electronic product.
  • Increase product sales by identifying customers needs and selling products accordingly.
  • Troubleshoot consumer electronics issues.


01/2018 - 07/2018, Certificate 2 in Electrotechnology, South Metropolitan Tafe (Thornlie Campus), Gosnells, Western Australia, Australia
06/2003 - 02/2006, Bachelor of Commerce in Information Technology, Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Technical Skills

Computer Repair and Assembly
Microsoft Office Suite
Programming (C, C++, Java and Delphi
Microsoft Windows
Competitor Knowledge And Intelligence
Customer Service (pre and post sales)
Account Management (client retention and prospecting)
Soldering and Desoldering
Multimeter Usage
Bridge Megger Usage
Wire Cutting
Catenary Wires Installation
Electrical Parts Identification
Conduits Installation
Cable Trays Installation

Transferable Skills


Managing all the staff at Super Amart branch when the branch manager was unavailable. Had to ensure the synergy between all departments as it's a faced paced environment and thought me accountability for all the decisions made.


Able to work in all the teams and departments at Super Amart due to my experience. Confidence to take over the responsibilities of any team member from any department when required.


Listening is key as it gives great insight into the needs and wants of the person. That allows me to build rapport (face to face) and establish deep understanding of that person in regards to my previous work experiences in sales.

Problem Solving

Working at Super Amart required me to solve problems independently. One example is where I had to liaise with all the stores and readjust stock levels with management permission in order to a deliver a product that was discontinued.

Strong work ethic

In all my experiences, punctuality is an important part of my work ethic as it allows me to prepare for the tasks at hand and finish my tasks within the time limit. Being reliable has given my employers the confidence in me to undertake managerial tasks and perform tasks unsupervised.

Personal Skills


As shown by my work experiences, I have spent many years at my previous workplaces and that is my demonstrated commitment, contribution and dedication to my job. In addition to the mentioned, it greatly contributes to my determination to learn and improve myself both in my workplaces and study.


Being a helpful person by nature in both my personal, study and work life; I have learnt from and contributed to my work colleagues knowledge base as a path to improvement which in turn builds on team work and dependability. Many times have happened in my previous workplace where due to my helpfulness to everyone, they have helped me in return to make my work easier.


Electrical Training License (No: EW197014), EnergySafety WA
Construction Induction License (No: 865226), WorkSafe WA
Work Safely at Heights (RIIWHS204D), Safety Training Professionals


Sophie Turner, Force Power


Patrick Cantlay, Super Amart

Senior Sales Consultant

Russell Wilson, Super Amart

Sales Manager

Peter Dinklage, South Metro Tafe (Thornlie Campus)

Lecturer, Electrical

Position Overview:

Electrical Assistant

An Electrical Assistant is essentially a helper. The basic task they perform is aiding electricians by performing duties which require less technical skill. This includes things like using, supplying, or holding tools and materials, cleaning the workspace and equipment. Along with performing these manual tasks, they may be requested to communicate with other supervisors or peers – providing them with information about any operations that may be undertaken in the near future, and the state of the environment in which these operations are to be undertaken. An average hourly salary of an Electrical Assistant is around $16 in the US. 

Company Overview:
Glaxo Smith Kline

In our opinions hardly in need of an introduction, GlaxoSmithKline is a global science-led healthcare firm. It focused on the research and development of a broad range of products in three primary areas of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and consumer healthcare. With a presence in more than 150 countries and a network of 64 manufacturing sites in 31 countries, their contribution to helping people do more, feel better, and live longer, has undoubtedly had a significant impact. Working in such a big and bureaucratic company may become a bit daunting at times, but anyone truly interested in pharmaceutical science or simply wanting to contribute to an admirable mission will surely enjoy this cutting-edge environment.

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How to write your own Electrical Assistant resume?

1. Mention the formal background of your knowledge

There aren’t really any formal requirements for someone to become an Electrical Assistant, so this piece of advice is more about giving your application a leg up from other applicants. Not many people bother with adding more ‘perks’ to their application once they have met the basic expectations of the job. That is especially the case for jobs like this.

Giving that extra edge to your resume by giving an account of any degrees or certificates you have gotten in the past will add some credibility to the claims you may have about how well you really know the technical aspects of this job.

Electrical Assistant Education Example

  • "Certificate 2 in Electrotechnology / South Metropolitan Tafe (Thornlie Campus), Gosnells, Western Australia, Australia (01/2018 – 07/2018)"

  • "Bachelor of Commerce in Information Technology / Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Western Australia, Australia (06/2003 – 02/2006)"

2. List and quantify your aptitude at using different tools

After listing your formal qualifications, it would be good to let the reader know to what effect gaining these qualifications make you worth hiring. What skills were you taught? How good are you at utilizing them? What is the potential scope of responsibilities you could take on?

You should probably compile a list of all the relevant technical skills you could be asked to use while on the job. Along with simply listing what you deem should be here though, make sure you also indicate what your strongest suits are. One cannot be good at everything, and as an assistant, by admitting that you have some deficiencies, you signal the reader that you would be willing to learn.

Electrical Assistant Technical Skills Example

  • "Soldering and Desoldering - Very good"

  • "Multimeter Usage - Excellent"

  • "Bridge Megger Usage - Excellent"

  • "Wire Cutting - Good"

3. Do not get bogged down by details irrelevant to the position

If there is one thing this resume is not doing as well, it is prioritization. There are simply way too many sections and descriptions which are not necessarily relevant for an application for this position. As an Assistant, you do not need to list your transferable skills for example. It may put the reader off by creating the impression you do not really want to do what you are applying for.  

Think of what is truly relevant for a recruiter to know when you want them to consider for a specific position. This means really thinking about the nature of the post you want to work and trying to tap into that.

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