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BBVA Compass Banker Resume Sample
Position Overview:


Also known as Retail Bankers, these professionals interact with their employer’s clients on a daily basis and assist them with services like setting up, checking and savings accounts, authorizing loans, and transferring finances. They also provide clients with insight and counsel on the bank’s products and other services, so that they find an appropriate solution tailored to their needs. Bankers should hold a degree in finance, business administration, or a related field so that they know how to explain the products offered to consumers by their firm. They should also have good multi-tasking and time-management skills, as well as excellent communications, sales, and negotiation ability.

Company Overview:
BBVA Compass

BBVA is a leading private financial services institution based in Spain, united in pursuing the mission of bringing opportunities across demographic and socio-economic spectra. They are currently going through a digital transformation that is already producing disruptive innovation with the potential to change the way we view banking. The bank has a very friendly work environment and staff, providing you with people to take your mind off of the many times stressful, intense nature of the banking world. The firm also compensates its workers well and provides them with well-structured benefit packages to reward them further.

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How to write your own Banker resume?

1. Think about how you can differentiate yourself from other applicants

A retail Banker’s resume will likely not be too different from that of another Retail Banker’s. Therefore, it can be your advantage if you try to balance out the usual gist of listing workplace skills and previous work experience with something that can demonstrate that you can hold a conversation with potential clients, be approachable and generally be someone who can convince another person to buy.

List anything interesting that you can bring up in a conversation with a potential client and talk about confidently. This can be a hobby or some unusual experience. People like to have that little conversation before getting down to business. Employers will want to hire someone who can make that good impression.

Banker Hobbies Example

  • "Traveling, Music, Photography, Workout, American football, Friends

2. List any potentially valuable “side-skills”

Meeting different people every day, many different situations can spring up when meeting a potential client. It is good to show a kind of versatility in your resume specifically for this reason. People want to hire someone who can effectively deal with most of what is thrown at them.

If you speak more languages at an adequate proficiency for example, it is exactly something that can prove useful when a foreigner is looking to open an account. You can make them feel more comfortable and let them see that the bank is willing to go an extra step for them.

Banker Skills Example


  • "English – 100%"

  • "Spanish – 100%"        

  • "German – 50%"

3. Concentrate on the soft skills you can use to woo customers

The central theme of this resume should essentially show off your ability and the tools you can use to sell things to people. That really is not something that has a proven technical manual, it is just you and your characteristics – the way you talk, the words you use, what you talk about. If you get on a client’s good side by making a good impression, the sale is immediately much more likely to go through and this is what employers want from a retail Banker. Of course, you have to show that you are financially literate, can quickly learn what each product package entails for a consumer and communicate that, but really try to convey that you have a “wow” factor that customers will not be able to overlook.

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