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Vodafone Release Manager Resume Example (Version di testo)

Pedro Supporter

Address: Rua Porto Alegre, 02000, São Paulo, Brazil
Nationality: Brazilian
Date of birth: 1988-09-10
Email address: hello@kickresume.com


In my professional life I have acquired a great experience on technical and commercial areas, both as a salesman and as sales support, always on technology companies.

This experience made me very good at understanding the client needs and gave me tools to try and solve problems in a fast and productive manner.

Work experience

04/2013 - present, Customer Quality Specialist, HT Micron Semicondutores, São Leopoldo, Brazil

At HT Micron I started accumulating several functions on sales and product marketing, being responsible to represent both HT Micron and Teikon companies commercially, qualifying both companies to supply to their clients, controlling new product introduction and life cycle management during the first year of HT Micron´s operation.

After this first year new salesmen’s were hired and I switched my focused mainly to product marketing and the companies and products qualifications, where I was needed to analyze costumer needs and develop solutions along with the R&D team and our technology partners in Korea and creating reports for product viability and return of investment to present for the companies management.

Currently my role is Customer Quality Specialist, focusing on translating the clients needs to our processes and products, following up on product RMA, overall quality levels, fail analysis and product qualifications.

05/2005 - 05/2010, Technical and Commercial Proposals Specialist, Altus Sistemas de Informática, São Leopoldo, Brazil

I have started my professional life as a intern in the project documentation at Altus´s R&D and migrated to the proposals area, where I was hired after the 2 year internship.

At the proposal area I have developed a great knowledge on automation solutions and in overall resourcefulness working with engineering, R&D and procurement teams to develop the best solutions to solve the client needs and negotiating price strategies with sales team and management for competitiveness.

By the end of my employment at Altus, I was responsible for the big projects on the oil and gas sector for the companies biggest clients such as Petrobras and Ipiranga and giving support for other big projects on electricity, metallurgy and transportation including managing electronic biddings for such clients.

04/2010 - 05/2011, Salesman, Shark Máquinas, Porto Alegre, Brazil

Responsible for the sales of heavy construction equipment for the bigest clients of Shark Máquinas on Porto Alegre region including both municipal and state governmental institutions.


06/2013 - present, Electrical Engineering, UNISINOS, São Leopoldo, Brazil

Graduation estimated for 2018


Operational Systems
Problem Solving Techniques
Team Work
Customer Focus


Team Work
Problem Solving
Self Learning
Tech Savvy


Getting lost in a good book
Capturing moments
Feeling the music
Watching a good movie
Working on cars
Overview della Posizione:

Release Manager

The primary responsibility of Release Managers is releasing the management lifecycle, focusing on the coordination of various aspects of production and projects into an integrated solution. They manage the risks that could affect release scope, communicate key plans and changes, monitor progress, and supervise relationships or coordination between different teams. Release Managers need a wide array of technical ability to perform well in their post, but even more important may be soft skills that allow them to fulfill the second aspect of their job. Communication, coordination, and leadership abilities are incredibly important when in charge of rolling out a new management lifecycle.

Descrizione della Compagnia:

You may have come into contact with the pretty famous Vodafone of you’ve ever visited the British Isles and were in need of a travel SIM card, or if you simply live there. A leading telecommunications company, Vodafone does all it can to empower everyone to be connected to each other. It assures the fastest possible network speeds, fixed-line solutions, mobile money payments, and is integrating the internet of things into things like cars. This makes Vodafone a truly diverse working environment, great for building inter-personal relationships and learning new skills. Some workers may experience that the company is a bit rigid in managing workers, but this simply goes with something as big as Vodafone.

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How to write your own Release Manager resume?

1. Highlight relevant experience that can help you with the job

Managers have to know a little bit about what everyone they supervise does. If they do not have at least some knowledge of what the IT, marketing, and sales team do, it is hard to give orders and assess their progress on a specific project. Therefore, people tend to hire managers with some background besides management.

If you have worked in or possess formal qualifications from a field that your workers might be specialized in, be sure to comprehensively point that out in your resume. It will signal the reader that you will really be able to manage the teams of employees assigned to your project.

Release Manager Work Experience Manager

Customer Quality Specialist / HT Micron Semiconductors, São Leopoldo, Brazil (04/2013 – present)

  • "At HT Micron I started with accumulating several functions on sales and product marketing, being responsible to represent both HT Micron and Teikon companies commercially, qualifying both companies to supply to their clients, controlling new product introduction, and life cycle management during the first year of HT Micron’s operations."

2. Demonstrate your technical knowledge and other abilities 

Further going in the spirit of demonstrating your wide background knowledge of multiple fields, it may be good to kind of sum up what it really is that the reader is supposed to take away from the accounts of your previous work experience. This is especially important if you end up having a long list of previous job posts.

After you name all the positions and describe the responsibilities you held in the past, it would be good to create a list of skills that stem from those descriptions. This way, the reader will really remember what you are trying to sell yourself on, and can later refer to it when coming to a decision on who to hire.

Release Manager Skills Example

  • "Problem Solving Techniques - Very Good"

  • "Teamwork - Very Good"

  • "Customer Focus - Very Good"

3. Show communication prowess throughout the resume

Once again, following in the aim of conveying the extent of your skillset, it is important that your resume uses really appropriate language. This goes for more extensive descriptions as well as simple lists. You can also make a bit more effort in introducing yourself in a more personal light. Maybe a “profile” section at the beginning of the resume in which you explain your motivation could go a long way.

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