Student Resume Law Internship

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Student Resume Law Internship

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Who is this resume example for?

Law School Student. University Student. Legal Intern. Office Intern. Law Graduate / Legal Graduate. Legal Assistant. Legal Affairs Intern. Trainee Paralegal.

What is it like to study law?

Known as one of the most difficult and prestigious degrees you can get, to successfully go through a law school you will need to put in a lot of hard work, dedication, and effort. Besides huge amount of essays and other written/oral assignments, you'll also be required to read a countless number of books and other materials in order to gain an extensive and wide knowledge of this very complex discipline. On the other hand, after finishing university, the chances of getting a great and well-paid job right away are really big. You can get hired by basically any company in any industry as good legal professionals are almost always wanted. 

What does a Law Intern do?

Getting an internship and gaining a "real-world experience" is an important part of any college degree or course and should not be skipped. In the case of law students, they usually get hired by law firms where they are responsible for completion of minor tasks which do not require much experience. They also often assist in the preparation for various cases and support senior employees with other duties as assigned. Besides that, Law Interns spend a lot of time conducting legal research, reviewing and maintaining databases and documents, communicating with clients, and executing various administrative tasks.

How to write your own Law Intern resume?

1. Add achievements where possible

There is nothing that will prove and show off your qualities better than specific accomplishments you have made. And although, as a college student, you probably don't have many, you should definitely include the ones you feel are relevant. What's more, this tip doesn't only apply to work experience but other sections like education as well. By including achievements to your resume, you'll show to the recruiters that you are a performance-oriented individual who can take initiative and finish any assigned projects or tasks. Were you a school club president or class representative? Did you achieve exceptional academic results? Have you won any awards? Don't forget to let the hiring managers know about it!

Law Intern Resume Accomplishments Example

  • The 2011 Best Graduate Award winner
  • GPA: 3.98 (Top 10% of the Program)
  • The 2008 Principal's Award winner for the 1st prize in the National Economics Competition


2. Start with a great resume summary

The top third of your resume should be, besides important personal details, dedicated to a profile section. This short section is usually used to summarize the whole resume and let your potential employer know what you are looking for. Don't make it too long and try to keep it as relevant and to the point as possible. Making this section perfect is very important since it often is the first thing recruiters will look at in your resume. It should be about 2-3 sentences long and ought to reflect the best of yourself.

Law Intern Resume Profile Section Example

  • "2nd-year student of Law looking for an opportunity to utilize my skills in a professional work environment."
  • "5 years of experience in legal and creative writing, excellent communication skills."
  • "Proved expertise in customer service, public relations, and administrative work."


3. Include important skills

Besides profile, work experience, and education, there are other resume sections you should focus on, for example, volunteering, certificates, and skills. These will complete the complex image of you as a potential employee. In the case of skills, there are multiple types which could be mentioned. Of course, it depends on the position you are applying for, but things like languages, computer skills, and relevant interpersonal abilities should be added to a resume for any position. Again, don't make the mistake of making this section too long and try to stay as relevant to the job description as possible. The skills section of a resume above provides a great example of how to do it.

Law Intern Resume Skills Example

  • Strengths and Skills: Computer Skills, Customer Service, Public Relations, Writing and Editing, Negotiation, English, Leadership, Time Management, Administration

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