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Licensing Administrator at Arvato CV Sample
Position Overview:

Licensing Administrator

Licensing Administrators are people who take care of the documentation and registration for other individuals’ or firms’ products, which their employer would provide or sell as an intermediary. They perform all tasks related to processing applications, requests, evaluating credential documentation against requirements, and communicate with the management above them about these processes. It is therefore important that these individuals are incredibly organized, have an eye for details, know how to write and read contracts, and listen to either clients or their superiors. Clearly, there is a lot of teamwork involved here. A formal background in some miscellaneous office field is preferred – something like accounting, maybe even a baseline law degree. It can make your application have more value.

Company Overview:

Though CDs and cassettes may be a ‘dead medium’, audio enthusiasts have never really stopped looking for them to listen to music or audiobooks. Now, even the modern-day hipster may look to the compact disc to remind themselves of the times before streaming services and the digital music industry. Arvato focuses on media manufacturing, packaging, distribution, and supply of replica cassettes, CDs, and DVDs. The firm provides digital formats for services like Napster and Yahoo! too, giving them the potential to have titles that aren’t easily accessible on more mainstream digital services. As the company is still working primarily in the medium of the past, it frequently makes its workers do overtime to keep production and relevance – this may be something to take into account.

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How to write your own Licensing Administrator resume?

1. Demonstrate the full scope of your abilities

Licensing Administrator may be asked to perform a lot more than what the usual job description might encompass. Any currently working admin staff would tell you this. 

Hence, a good thing to jump off of in your resume is a list or a compilation of all the skills you could utilize when asked to complete routine tasks and also tasks which may be out of the traditional scope of a Licensing Admin. Include this either at the beginning of the resume, along with some personal characteristics or at the end, after you demonstrate where you used these skills in past jobs.

Licensing Administrator Resume Skills Example

  • "Accounts Receivable and Payable"

  • "Financial Analysis and Reporting"

  • "IT Knowledge"

  • "Data Analyst"

  • "Network and Data Security"

  • "Microsoft Office"

2. Point out any relevant ‘extra benefits’ you can bring to the company

Now, many job applications for this position will try to do the same thing and will, therefore, mention essentially the same things about the individuals that have written them. It is in your interest to add some value to your application and hence make yourself look like a worker worth paying a salary to.

If you can think of any ‘additional’ skills or better – formal certificates and qualifications – be sure to include them on your resume. Even foreign language proficiency can be a very good addition to a Licensing Administrator’s resume, since they might have to deal with foreign parties.

Licensing Administrator Education Example

Economics / University São Judas Tadeu, Sao Paulo, Brazil

  • "Accounting"

  • "Finance"

  • "History of the Economy"

  • "Micro and Macro Economics"

3. Be wary of language and grammatical errors throughout your application

One of the most important traits of a Licensing Admin, as we’ve already mentioned, is an eye for detail and exquisitely written communication. 

It is therefore crucial that you use an appropriate language where necessary and don’t make grammatical or structural mistakes when coming up content for your resume or cover letter. Make sure you go over the documents you attach to the application multiple times or have it proofread by someone with a fresh pair of eyes. If you know anything about ‘written etiquette’ be sure to utilize that while writing too. It will further emphasize that you’re detail-oriented and put effort into even the most niche tasks.

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