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Starbucks Barista Resume Sample
Position Overview:


In order to become a successful Barista, you'll need to master multiple tasks and develop various skills required to execute this job. As Baristas are in direct contact with customers and can highly influence whether they will or will not return, these professionals need to possess excellent communication abilities and should already have experience in food and beverage preparation and serving. Some of the other daily duties Baristas are responsible for include welcoming customers and answering their questions, cleaning and restocking work areas, and assisting in inventory management. Besides the above-mentioned qualities, Baristas should also have a polite and engaging personality, high commitment to customer satisfaction, and willingness to learn and get better.

Company Overview:

Known as one of the most famous and popular coffeehouse chains in the world, this company from Seattle has been serving its' customers since 1971. It currently operates in over 30,000 locations and with revenue of $24.71 billion and over 291,000 employees, it also belongs to the S&P 500 list which consists of the biggest corporates in the United States. According to current and past employees, it is a great and friendly place to work although it might depend on whether you work for the actual company or just franchise. It's especially good if you want to be a part of the international team and want to experience what's it like to work in a fast-paced business environment. They offer fair-pay and multiple other awesome benefits, such as the possibility to relocate and great promotion opportunities.

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How to write your own Barista resume?

1. Review successful examples

There are tons of resume examples on the Internet, so why not to take a look at the ones that succeeded and got their creators the desired jobs. They can also be a great inspiration and help you to craft a winning resume. Moreover, If you are planning to apply for a job at a well-known company, for instance, Google or Facebook, it's very likely that you'll be able to find a successful resume for the specific position at the specific company. After finding the resume, examine each part of it and try to determine why is it good and what particularly may have the recruiters found interesting and implement it to your resume. Of course, do not simply copy and paste all the information, as your resume should be unique and represent the best of yourself, not someone else.

2. List your strengths

Even though it may seem like an unimportant section, adding your key qualities to your resume could actually significantly increase your chances of getting hired. On the other hand, you should never include just random skills but ought to always think about what are the hiring managers looking for. Therefore, read the job description multiple times to identify qualities you feel are important for the role and, if you believe you have them, add them to your resume. Finally, don't make this section loo long - 8-9 most relevant strengths are enough and again, don't make the stuff up and only include things that are true. The strengths section of a resume above provides a great example of how to do it.

Barista Strengths Example

  • Core Qualities: "Customer Service, Friendly, Organized, Attention to Detail, Positive Attitude, Timely, Loyalty, Dependable, Creative Thinking"

3. Create a perfect resume summary

What do you think is the first thing recruiters look at in your resume. Usually, it's not the work experience, education or skills but the profile and that's the reason why making it perfect is so important. On the other side, not including a resume summary at all is even worse than including a bad one. This section not only gives you the opportunity to summarize the whole resume but it can also be used to show to the hiring manager what are you looking for in your career. It should be about 2-3 sentences long and ought to be placed at the very top of your resume, right behind the contact information.

Barista Profile Section Example

  • "Detail-oriented and dedicated Barista successful at delivering high-quality customer service while preparing and serving various beverages from around the world. Possess comprehensive knowledge of beer, wine, and liquor, highly professional appearance, and excellent communication skills. Yves is currently looking for a Barista position with a forward-moving bar/restaurant."

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