Service Manager Resume Examples & Writing Guide for 2023

Rev up your career with a service manager resume that drives success! Our guide, complete with expert tips and real-life examples, will help you navigate the twists and turns of crafting the perfect automotive resume.
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Julia Gergelova
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Last updated: Nov. 16, 2023
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Supply Chain Delivery Management professional Resume Sample
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Average: 4.8 (19 votes)

A well-written service manager resume is the key that can unlock the door to the competitive and exciting world of the automotive industry. Like a well-oiled machine, it should run smoothly, delivering all the necessary information employers are seeking, at a glance.

This comprehensive guide is designed to equip you with the knowledge, insights, and practical advice required to revamp your resume, leaving your competition in the dust.

In the course of this guide, we’ll focus on:

  • Formatting your service manager resume
  • Crafting a strong resume summary or resume objective
  • Selecting the best service manager skills for your resume
  • Making your service manager work experience stand out
  • Effectively listing your education on a resume
  • Selecting relevant extra sections
  • Average salary and outlook for automotive service managers

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1. How to properly format your automotive service manager resume

Effective formatting is crucial for your resume as it organizes your information and makes it easily digestible for employers. 

There are three main types of resume formats to consider:

  • Chronological resume format: This is a widely used format where your work experience is presented in reverse chronological order, starting with the most recent position. It often suits those who have a continuous career path in the car industry, as it clearly shows their consistent professional growth.
  • Functional resume format: This format highlights your skills and qualifications over chronological work history. It's particularly useful for candidates with a diverse range of jobs or significant gaps in their employment history. The focus here is primarily on the specific skills that make you a fit for the automotive service manager position.
  • Hybrid resume format: The hybrid format offers a blend of both the chronological and functional formats. It highlights your skills and qualifications and also illustrates your work history in reverse chronological order. This format can work well for those with a combination of job experiences across various fields and particular skills within the car industry.

Each resume format has its pros and cons, but you need to choose one that makes your experience and skills shine. The goal is to make your information easy to read, so employers can see why you're perfect for the service manager job.

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2. How to craft a strong resume objective or summary

Whether you're a seasoned mechanic or just revving your engines to enter the car industry, your resume summary or objective sections are the pit stops where you can make a lasting impression. 

It's not just about listing skills. It sets the stage for what follows and often decides whether the hiring manager will continue reading or move onto the next applicant. 

Here's the difference between the two, and how to use each:

Resume summary: This concise paragraph offers a quick glimpse into your career journey and valuable skills. If you're an experienced professional looking to secure that service manager role, here's what a compelling summary should include:

  • The job title you're aiming for, e.g., Automotive Service Manager
  • The key skills you've gained in your career that fit this role
  • Your significant achievements in your previous jobs

Incorrect service manager resume summary example

I have managed many people and worked in cars for more than 10 years. I'm looking for an exciting role in managing car services.

Correct service manager resume summary example

Automotive Service Manager with a decade of experience in leading teams and improving the efficiency of operations. Successfully implemented strategies that increased customer satisfaction by 30%.

Why is it correct? It showcases specific skills (team leadership, efficiency enhancement) along with measurable achievements (30% higher customer satisfaction), helping hiring managers understand the candidate's abilities and impact.

Resume objective: A resume objective is a statement of your career goals. This is great for newcomers to the industry or people changing careers. It should express:

  • The job role you're applying for 
  • Relevant skills you bring to the table
  • How you plan to use these skills to benefit your prospective employer

Incorrect service manager resume objective example

I've just started learning about cars but I'm ready for the challenge of starting my career as an Automotive Service Manager.

Correct service manager resume objective example

Automotive Technology Graduate with strong customer service skills seeking an Automotive Service Manager role. Aiming to use my knowledge of vehicle repair and maintenance to improve customer satisfaction and boost team performance.

Why is it correct? This objective precisely states the candidate's qualifications (Automotive Technology Graduate, customer service skills) and profiles how these qualifications can be incorporated to enhance business outcomes (improve customer satisfaction, boost team performance).

Whether you write a resume summary or objective, be sure it's relevant and paints a compelling picture of why you are a solid match for an automotive service manager role.

3. How to choose the best service manager skills for your resume

The skills section should offer a snapshot of your service management abilities relevant to the job. Imagine it as your personal tool kit — it showcases the tools, or skills, you've got under the hood. In other words, it's about your hard and soft skills.

Think of hard skills as the technical stuff you've learned through education, training, or experience that you can apply directly to the job. 

The best hard skills for your automotive service manager resume

  • Automotive diagnostics and repair
  • Knowledge of auto-parts
  • Inventory management
  • Proficiency in AutoMaster and CARFAX
  • Customer relationship management
  • Understanding of automotive safety guidelines

Soft skills, on the other hand, are your people or interpersonal skills. They're not about what you do, but how you do it — your personality traits, or how you interact with others. 

The best soft skills for your automotive service manager resume

  • Stellar communication skills
  • Strong leadership abilities
  • Excellent customer service 
  • Problem-solving capabilities
  • Teamwork
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Time management
  • Ability to work under pressure

And remember that the skills appearing in the job post are the employer's wish list. If you see it there, and you've got it, make sure it's upfront and center in your skills section. Not only does it show you've got what it takes, but it also proves that you're matching your qualifications to their needs.

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4. How to craft your service manager work experience and key projects section

The work experience section is clearly the engine of your resume — it powers your case to the potential employer. For an automotive service manager position, there are a few key elements you should highlight in this section:

  • Highlight achievements: Instead of listing every duty you had, focus on what you accomplished in those roles.
  • Use metrics: Numbers help illustrate the impact you made in your past jobs. Give specific numbers if you can.
  • Include relevant keywords: Use terms that resonate with the service management job description to catch the eye of both hiring managers and automated applicant tracking systems (ATS).
  • Detail key projects: This is where you can really shine. Highlight specific projects you've led or contributed significantly to, especially those with measurable outcomes.

Incorrect service manager work experience and key projects example

Automotive Service Manager at AAA Cars, 2016-2020

  • Managed the service team
  • Responsibly handled customer complaints
  • Met deadlines for servicing

Key project

  • Led the implementation of an automated scheduling system.

Correct service manager work experience example

Automotive Service Manager at AAA Cars, 2016-2020

  • Led a team of 10 automotive technicians, improving overall team productivity by 25%.
  • Implemented a customer feedback system, reducing customer complaints by 30%.
  • Consistently achieved 100% on-time completion of all scheduled services.

Key project

  • Led the implementation of an automated scheduling system, improving service delivery by 25% and achieving 100% of service deadlines.

Why is it correct? This candidate clearly outlines their main roles, but more importantly, they highlight the improvements they made in those roles. They provide specific numbers to quantify their success, giving the hiring manager a clear idea of their capabilities. They also included key terms such as 'led', 'implemented', and 'achieved', which might be the exact keywords the employer is looking for.

In a nutshell, a standout work experience section requires more than just a list of your previous duties. Including targeted achievements and quantifiable results will help show potential employers that you could be a valuable addition to their team.

service manager work experience and projects example

5. How to list your education on a service manager resume

The education section, while often straightforward, still holds the potential to set you apart. Let's talk about what you should include in your service manager education section and how to amplify it to your advantage.

Start with your highest degree first. Include:

  • The name of the degree
  • The institution you attended
  • The years you were there
  • Relevant courses (optional)
  • Extracurricular activities (optional)

If you've got relevant courses outside of your degree, it's a good idea to include them. This could be anything from a workshop on customer service to a certification in automotive technology.

If you excelled in your studies (like making the Dean's list), or you were part of relevant extracurricular activities or organizations, mention it.

If your education doesn't directly relate to automotive service management, all hope is not lost. During your time in school, you've likely gained skills that can be applied to the job, like team leadership, time management or problem-solving. Mention these transferable skills under each degree, making sure to relate them back to the job description.

Directly relevant education section example

Bachelor of Automotive Management 

Ferris University, 2015-2019

  • Graduated with Honors
  • Completed a customer service internship at Fast Cars Service
  • Relevant Coursework: Automotive Parts Management, Leadership in Automotive Service

Here, the candidate has mentioned their coursework, their honors distinction, and also their relevant internship.

Non-directly relevant education section example

Bachelor of Business Administration

State University, 2010-2014

  • Phi Beta Kappa Society Member 
  • Transferable Skills: Leadership (led a class project of 5 students), Problem-solving (developed a new strategy for fundraising for a student organization)

Here, the candidate doesn't have a degree in a directly relevant field, but they've highlighted transferable skills that would make them a great fit for the automotive service manager role.

In short, your education section is more than just your degree. It's an opportunity to highlight relevant courses, achievements, and transferable skills that will make you an asset to the company.

6. How to select relevant extra sections for your service manager resume

Extra sections in your service manager resume might seem optional, but they can play a pivotal role in your job-winning strategy. 

Choosing relevant extras depends on a deep understanding of what sets you apart from other candidates. The ideal ones provide insight into your character, competencies and commitment to the profession, showcasing that you bring more to the table than just the basic qualifications.

Start by reflecting on your qualifications that match the typical requirements for an automotive service manager.

  • Does your second language enable you to communicate with a larger customer base?
  • Does an external training course you attended offer an insight into enhanced customer service strategies?
  • Are you a member of a well-respected automotive association that illustrates your commitment to the industry?

Here are some extra sections that might make your resume stand out:

  • Certifications and licenses: If you have any relevant certifications such as the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification, this section shines a spotlight on your commitment to ongoing learning and industry standards. And it's a solid proof of your knowledge and expertise in the field.
  • Professional affiliations: If you're a member of a professional organization like the Automotive Service Association, add it. It shows that you're engaged with the broader industry and likely up-to-date on the latest trends and insights.
  • Awards and accolades: If you've received any awards related to your work — such as a 'Best Customer Service' award — do put them in. It showcases your exceptional performance and distinguishes you from other candidates.
  • Languages: If you're fluent in languages other than your native tongue, it can highlight your capability to communicate with a wider customer base.

Here are some examples of how to list extra sections on your resume


  • Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certification, 2019
  • Advanced Diagnostic Techniques Certificate, ABC Technical Institute, 2018

Professional affiliations

  • Member, Automotive Service Association, 2017-Present


  • Spanish: Fluent
  • Mandarin: Intermediate

service manager extra sections example

7. Average salary and outlook for automotive service managers

As an automotive service manager in the making, you're setting your sights on a landscape rich with opportunities. Both job prospects and the financial outlook in this sector are encouraging.

Over the next decade, the automotive industry is set to shift into a higher gear. Job openings for automotive service managers are expected to accelerate, with a projected increase in demand of about 6% from 2018 to 2028. This upward trend signals more opportunities to step into your desired role or advance in your career.

When it comes to financial rewards, automotive service managers can anticipate a competitive compensation package. On average, professionals in this role earn an annual salary of approximately $50,282

However, keep in mind that this figure can vary based on several factors, including your location, level of industry experience, and the size of the business you're involved with.

In a nutshell, the career path of a service manager offers an exciting blend of growth-driven opportunities and a secure income. And so, it seems to be a future-forward choice on the fast track to success.

Published on Oct. 10, 2023

Service Manager Resume FAQ

You should update your resume anytime you gain new skills, experiences or accomplishments. However, as a rule of thumb, it's wise to review and update your resume every six months.

Only include hobbies if they add significant value or draw interesting parallels to the desired role. For instance, if you are part of a car restoration club in your spare time, it may be worth mentioning.

A resume should ideally be one page long. However, with extensive experience, it can extend to two. Remember, the goal is to provide a concise overview, not a detailed life story.

No. Your resume should only include positions that are relevant and highlight skills that apply to the automotive service manager role you're applying for.

While the bulk of your resume might remain similar, it's advisable to tailor each application to fit the specific job description. Highlighting different aspects of your skills and experience to match various job requirements can increase your chances of success.

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