Mobile Software Engineer Resume Example

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Mobile Software Engineer Resume Example
Position Overview:

Mobile Software Engineer

Mobile Software Engineers are individuals who specialize in creating software and user experiences for their client or employer, especially for mobile platforms. The knowledge which is required for this job entails essentially all there is to successfully publish an application for mobile operating systems – coding, testing, debugging, documenting. The extent of a Mobile Engineer’s duties can differ based on their experience, however. Apart from creating apps, Mobile Software Engineers should also know about backend web services, be creative and have brainstorming abilities, multitask, have problem-solving skills, and the willingness to learn, should the need to do so arise. Mobile Software engineers’ compensation reflects the boom of the digital era – around $120k annually in the US. 

Company Overview:

Pirean is a company that creates identity experiences which serve clients to reduce cost, build engagement, and increase conversion. They specialize in doing so for multiple highly regulated industries like aerospace and defense, government, and healthcare. Providing access to this service for millions of users, the firm has become an expert in improving customer engagement and workforce productivity. The company deeply cares about the personal and professional development of its workers, giving them relative freedom in what projects they can work on. The offices are apparently also built in a way to support employees’ well-being. A trade-off one could look into are somewhat disorganized managers.

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How to write your own Mobile Software Engineer resume?

1. Showcase your previous exploits

Software engineers of any kind can have the knowledge necessary for navigating many different platforms, programming languages, creative tools, and such. The amount of this kind of expertise can largely determine the value of such a professional to the firm – both from a monetary and a functional point of view.

To make yourself seem “worth it” to the readers of your resume, try to put together all the competencies and aspects of the job. The better this list is, the likelier it will be for a recruiter to deem you being worth the hire, as your utility to the company can be widely applied. 

Mobile Software Engineer Work Experience Example

Mobile App Developer / Indipendent, Milan, Italy (10/2016 – present)

  • "I published 3 applications on the play store

  • "More than half a million total downloads and 5000 users per day"

  • "High users satisfaction: 4.7/5 rating after 6000 reviews"

  • "Language used: Java for Android and Swift for Apple"

2. Compile a list of skills and abilities related to the job

A list of skills and tools you can use is not much without a demonstration of you actually using them. The most efficient way of doing this demonstration on paper is describing instances in which you had to make use of these abilities. Do not forget to also describe the final outcome, especially if your effort resulted in glaring success. 

 Be sure to provide descriptions of the responsibilities you had in previous posts. This way, the reader will know that the lists of skills you supposedly possess is not just something you are trying to impress them by but is really something you can do when working.

Mobile Software Engineer Abilities Example

  • "Good knowledge of the following programming language: Java, C#, VB.NET, Python"

  • "Software used for developing: Android Studio, XCode, Google Developers Console, Firebase, Analytics, Search Console, Facebook Developers Console, AdSense, Admob"

  • "Powershell programming for the scripting of various admin activities"

  • "Outstanding Software/Network/Hardware troubleshooting and problem-solving skills developed while working as Technical Consultant"

3. Include something that makes you stand out

Something as technically intense as a software engineer’s resume can get quite daunting to read. Hence, it is good to have something that can balance out this nature of the application, especially as the recruiters are trying to find not just a technically apt person, but also someone who will fit into the company’s collective. 

Including hobbies or personality traits on your resume can make it easier for readers to judge whether you would integrate well into the company’s environment. It can seem to be quite banal at first, but it is becoming increasingly important that company’s hire well-rounded individuals. This plays into that trend.

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