Front-end Developer Resume Sample

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Front-end Developer Resume Sample

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What professions can use this resume example?

Full-stack Developer. Back-end Developer. Web Developer. Software Developer. User Experience Designer. Computer Systems Engineer. Network Administrator.

Who is a Front-end Developer?

Experienced coder. A person not afraid of math and statistics. Someone who is able to implement design through various programming languages. All these descriptions can go for a good front-end developer. But who really is this software professional whose work we can see literally everywhere on the Internet and without whom we wouldn't be able to enjoy our favorite websites the way we do? It's someone with extensive knowledge of technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Someone who gives you (a user) the opportunity to interact with the website and website applications directly. And finally, someone that makes sure you can open up and browse the site on any device or in any browser and the information will still be relevant and easy to read.

What does a Front-end Developer do?

Compared to a back-end developer, who works mainly "behind the scenes" and is responsible for the creation of systems that make the website/application work properly, your role as a front-end developer will be to ensure that the designs created by web designers will appear as they're supposed to. You'll also spend some time analyzing and fixing the bugs and making sure there are no errors on the front-end. As mentioned above, front-end developers are also in charge of adjusting the site to other devices and browsers. In addition, tasks such as code testing and producing new user-facing features might occur among your job responsibilities.

How to write your own Front-end Developer resume?

1. Describe your programming skills

As you might already know, things like higher education are not that important if you want to become a computer professional. You can actually be a great front-end developer even without getting a college degree. It's the software programs you can use and the experience you have that are usually a decisive element in whether you'll or will not get a particular job. Therefore, put all your relevant computer skills together and include them to your resume, right behind the education section. Don't forget to also mention a level at which you can use each of them. The skills section of the resume above provides a great example of how to do it.

Front-end Developer Coding Skills Example

C# - Expert

C++ - Intermediate

JavaScript - Intermediate

PHP - Intermediate

HTML - Expert

CSS - Expert

Visual Basic - Intermediate


2. Include relevant keywords

Building a grammar-correct and eye-appealing work experience section is not the hardest part of creating a perfect resume. It's the beating the AOS (Applicant Tracking System) and developing a resume that will actually be findable by the headhunters and hiring managers, that is. That's the main reason why adding as many relevant keywords to your resume as possible is so important. You can do this by analyzing the job postings of your desired position, identifying specific words and phrases which best describe it, and then implementing them to your resume. This will help you to stand out from the crowd and will push your resume to the next level.

Front-end Developer Keywords Example

"Courteous and enthusiastic, I am interested in IT and everything in its orbit. I recently began to be fascinated by *web programming*, e.g. *developing apps* and *building websites*. Invited to join my friend's start-up company as a *front-end developer*, I gained experience of working in this area."


3. Write a professional summary

You'd be surprised how many people skip this step thinking it is not necessary. But the other is true. A well-written resume profile gives you a great chance to sum up what you have to offer as a potential employee. Besides keywords, it's also another way to adjust your resume to the specific job description. For these reasons, creating and polishing your professional summary is a key step to getting your dream job. This short section should be about 2-3 sentences long and is usually placed at the top of the resume page.

Front-end Developer Profile Example

"Results-oriented Front-end Developer dedicated to creating and optimizing interactive, user-friendly, and feature-rich websites. Leverage analytical skills and strong attention to detail in order to deliver original and efficient web solutions, provide technical knowledge and expertise, build new websites from start to finish, and successfully manage a team of other software professionals."


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