Lyon University PhD Student Resume Sample

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Lyon University PhD Student Resume Sample

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Who is this resume example?

University Student. High School Student. Pharmacy Student. Medicine Student. Biology Student. Chemistry Student. Summer Research Intern. 

What does it mean to be a PhD student?

A PhD is described as the highest degree person can achieve and is usually awarded to people who make a significant contribution to their field. Compared to the Bachelor's and Master's degrees, a PhD is mainly focused on research. Therefore, if you decide to become a PhD holder, you will spend multiple years not only carrying out original research, analyzing and examining data, and preparing your thesis, but also teaching and tutoring undergraduate students. Of course, it mostly depends on the specific university and subject, however, there are multiple similarities among the PhD students all over the globe. To sum up, a PhD is a difficult and very challenging program that requires years of hard work and dedication. Although if you want to pursue an academic career path, it may be an excellent option for you.

What can you do with a PhD?

Not surprisingly, individuals with a PhD degree are usually hired by universities and other scientific institutions to participate in their research programs. On the other hand, there are various other job alternatives that are good to be considered if you do not necessarily want to work in academia. For instance, many companies are nowadays looking for professionals with extensive knowledge of the desired subject who can participate in both product and business development. You can also get a job in the public sector or start your own business. Just remember, wherever you decide to go, don't only do what's expected of you but try to find your own way and do what makes you happy!

How to write your own PhD Student resume?

1. Explain your work responsibilities

One thing we would change in the resume above is the structure of its' work experience section. The hiring managers want to know what you spent your work time on in your previous jobs. That's the main reason why simply including all your roles and the companies you worked for is not enough. You should think about the specific tasks you were in charge of and then add the most relevant ones to your resume. You don't need to mention everything, just what you feel is important and should not be left out. This is also a great way to show off your qualities and strengths. Besides that, this section can also be used to talk about your achievements and accomplishments which will make your resume even better.

PhD Student Resume Work Experience Example

Pharmacy Intern (05/2018 – 08/2018)

North Kansas City Hospital, Kansas City, MO, United States

  • Processed and dispensed medications, transferred prescriptions, and maintained pharmacy stock.
  • Communicated with patients and worked on the improvement of customer satisfaction; collaborated with healthcare professionals.
  • Educated and advised patients on the use of nonprescription medications; introduced new products and maintained various professional equipment and machines.
  • Assisted pharmacists and performed other duties as required.
  • Awarded Intern of the Month for performing great work.


2. Include relevant publications

What else should be mentioned in your PhD student resume, if not the papers, articles, and publications you have worked on throughout the years. The recruiters often want to see the results of your work and this is a great way to show it to them. On the other hand, you should only include those that are available and can actually be found. Again, try to be relevant and stay on point. The publications ought to be put in a separate section and placed right behind the education part. Don't forget to also mention the year of publication and the name of the magazine, website, or journal. The publications section of a resume above provides a great example of how to do it.

PhD Student Resume Publications Example

Heparanase is upregulated by HCV and favors its replication (09/2017)

3rd International symposium on Cancer, Lyon Franc


3. Keep it simple

Try to keep your resume as simple as possible. Nobody likes to read 4 pages long CVs with incredibly complex sentences and unreasonably long work experience section. That's why including only the most relevant things is so important. It's also key to choose the right resume format and font. Always make sure that your resume is easy to read and every information is there for a reason. Speaking of formats and fonts, stick to the professional and well-established ones and don't experiment. You should also consider talking to someone more experienced who can go through your resume and maybe give you some beneficial ideas and recommendations on how to improve it.

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