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Field Technician Resume Template
Position Overview:

Field Technician

Field Technician’s primary responsibilities can be summarised into three activities. The first is providing service and customer support during field visits. Second, managing on-site maintenance and repairs. Third, finding the things that need repairs and fixing, and determine proper solutions to address the issues. Field Technicians have to be technically and manually apt to perform all the tasks that they are asked to fulfill. Knowledge of power tools and some basic engineering is definitely something that employers would be on the lookout for. More environmentally based employers will also seek out skills which relate to survival in nature, not just because it would be useful in a crisis, but because they could make for a better guide to people.

Company Overview:
US National forest service

The United States Forest Service is an agency of the US Department of Agriculture which administers the country’s 154 natural forests and grasslands. That makes up for about 25% of all federal lands. Born from Theodore Roosevelt’s conservation group in 1875, the agency takes care of natural sites across the united states as well as conducts invaluable research into the American wilderness. Working at an interesting site as part of this organization is bound to be an enriching and fulfilling experience especially in light of the environmental turmoil going on all over the world. That said, this workplace probably isn’t for people who do not like the outdoors all that much.

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How to write your own Field Technician resume?

1. Showcase enthusiasm not just through your work experience

Technical work, especially the kind which requires one to keep an audience entertained through touring, and doing maintenance work, requires a lot of patience, maybe even sacrifice. Hence, it falls on the employer to hire individuals who really seem like they are willing to do the job and will not leave after being a little frustrated.

They will look for employees who have been seen to go the extra mile and worked on something they are passionate about even if it did not mean payment. Volunteering activities or some kind of research assistance should definitely be on your resume.

Field Technician Resume Volunteering Example

  • Desert Tortoise Field Technician / (2016 – present), Toronto National Forest

  • Field Data Collection: Fairy Shrimp, Piping Plover Fire Moisture Sampling / (2012 – 2016), U.S. Navy

2. Point out the possession of skills specific for the job

Going in the spirit of making this resume about one’s skills and adaptability to the profession, it would be good to mention the more ‘specific’ skills for what you wish to be doing. 

Working for a foresting agency, for example, one could show that they had gained CPR certification for cases when either visitors or other employees may pass out. Anything that could help with oral explanations necessary for touring a forest, like teaching training, would also be a plus.

Field Technician Resume Certificates Example

  • Biological Sciences Teacher, Grades K-12 / Arizona, California, Virginia 

  • Music Performance Teacher, Grades K-12 / Arizona, California 

  • CPR & First Aid Training / exp. 10/26/2030

  • Desert Tortoise Council Field Techniques / 11/2016

3. List any talking points with which you could engage visitors

Apart from providing content that is relevant to a visitor’s experience, it is good to lighten up the atmosphere by talking about something loosely or completely unrelated to what you are doing. 

Listing your hobbies or favorite free-time activities on your resume will signal the person hiring you that you have things which you like to point out and potentially have a conversation with. Guests that will catch on will appreciate it and hopefully keep communicating with you in a more friendly way. That means they are likely more engaged to the main things you are saying.

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