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American Express Software Engineer Resume Example (Text version)

Yug Gulati

Email address:
Phone number: 555-555-5555


Performance-driven and results-oriented third-year Computer Science student at the Arizona State University offering a pro-active approach and determination to meet all assigned goals and objectives. Effective team player with excellent analytical skills and the important ability to solve complex problems.


08/2018 - present, Computer Science, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, United States

3.5 GPA

Work experience

08/2019 - present, Section Leader, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, United States
  • Section Leaders act as a cultural bridge from high school to the university environment, help freshmen to navigate the institution, promote self-confidence and self-reliance, act as role models who demonstrate personal and academic success, and offer academic support and guidance to their peers in the classroom.
08/2018 - 12/2019, Technology Support Assistant, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, United States
  • Providing Customer Service.
  • Developing, Sharing, Maintaining and Continuing your job knowledge.
  • Demonstrate Reliability by showing up on time to shifts and communicating.
  • Assist with SILC LSS projects and in the maintenance of SILC LSS equipment.
  • Assist with circulation, inventory and print card sales.
  • Clean and organize all SILC LSS spaces.
  • Support SILC LSS activities outside the facility as requested by professional staff.
03/2018 - 03/2019, Southwest District K Family Chair, Circle K International
  • Serve as a liason to the rest of the branches of the K-Family and have regular correspondence.
  • Promote K-Family opportunities, including Kiwanis One Day, and Kiwanis/Key Club conventions.
  • Generate resources to promote interaction with K-Family members.
  • Assist in the preparation of a K-Family directory for the SWD.
  • Serve as a resource for club K-Family chairs.
  • Promote CKI events/activities to K-Family branches.


Time Management
Adapting to changing circumstances
Collaborating effectively
Nonprofit Organizations
Assessing employee needs
Ethical Hacking

Academic Projects

Java Bank Management

  • Created a banking system, which gave users to sign in using their username and password.
  • The banking system gave the users many options like deposit, withdrawal and transfer the money to a account number.

Java Employee Management

  • This project created a structure for part-time and full-time employer.
  • It was created for a employer to gather their employees information like their first and last name, employee ID and pay amount.

Capstone Project

  • Created a hardware circuit using Quartus Prime that detects if the child is in the seat and the parent has walked away with the car keys.
  • The circuit had several states to make sure the kid is safe and the parent is receiving notification.

Autonomous car

  • Build an autonomous car using Lego EV3 Core set and coded on MATLAB.
  • The autonomous car was able to autonomously pickup and drop-off a passenger and successfully navigate through maze.


Exploring distant lands
Getting lost in a good book
Every kind of sport
Company Overview:
American Express

The American Express Company is a multinational financial services firm based in New York City. It is known best for its credit card, charge card, and traveler’s cheques. As of 2017, it was named the 23rd most valuable brand in the world by Forbes at around US$24.5 billion. The company prides itself on providing outstanding access to products and insight which help customers build their personal lives and businesses. Despite being a very corporate environment, American express has earned a lot of respect for remaining on top of recent advancements in assuring equal treatment of workers, tuition assistance, or even paid parental leave. Yes, these benefits all come for the price of having to work hard, but that always comes easier with knowing you get something in exchange.

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