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Oracle Senior IT Operations Engineer Resume Template (Version di testo)

James Franco

Address: Corks Hill, EX15 3DP, Collumpton, Devon, UK
Nationality: English
Date of birth: 1979-11-22
Phone number: contact hidden


What I have to offer

I have held responsible positions in a number of companies specialising in IT services as a systems administrator, tester and programmer. My practical experience includes systems administration, support, software development, testing, specifications, security policy and people management.

What I'm looking for. Is this you?

  • company with a positive ethical stance
  • direct engineering hands-on involvement
  • manage a small team
  • time and opportunity to learn and apply emerging technologies
  • work hard but not 24/7

Work experience

08/2014 - present, Senior IT Operations Engineer, Institute of Physics Publishing, Bristol, UK
  • Responsiblities: Mentoring systems administrators, supporting agile development teams, introducing work methods to support CI/CD, systems automation programming in Python, Go, Ruby, Perl and Java.
  • Project lead with: automated testing for puppet manifests, migrating legacy systems to AWS, Dynamic Infrastructure with AWS and Docker.
  • Currently rewriting the tooling on the CI pipeline.
07/2012 - 08/2014, Software Test Analyst, Viral AdNetwork, Bristol
  • I implemented a more robust development process, championing using testing more during a full development cycle.
  • I Implemented a Jenkins system. Providing continuous integration and unit testing on 20+ python and javascript based projects which are used in the company's core product.
  • I also did systems admin, added monitoring, firefighting database problems on live Ubuntu systems dealing with high volume user traffic, implemented puppet set up to manage servers centrally, wrote puppet modules, packaging software products for installation on Ubuntu. The tech lead there was involved with Google and we used ( and I wrote tests for) Google features such as protobuf in our product.
  • It was a fun place to work, the people are friendly. Agile SCRUM methods were used by all the teams, not just the programmers. We seem to keep busy without it becoming a high-pressure environment.
02/2012 - 05/2012, Programmer, Digital TV Labs, Bristol
  • I worked on the YouView STB project tracking current pass rate of the test suite (python based, running on STB, 1000+ cases), analysing reasons for fails, assigning fixes to developers, writing report for OEM and training engineers from OEM how to run and use the test suite.
  • After the YouView project finished I switched to working on the companies in house javascript based OIPF digital TV testing product.
  • This position was working as a contractor. It was enjoyable and I learnt a lot.
10/2008 - 01/2012, Programmer, Telemedic Systems Ltd, Bristol
  • Adding features in python and C to embedded mobile device for medical data use. The data device took streaming real time data from medical devices (Heart rate EKG, Pulse Ox, Temperature etc) and transmitted it to anywhere over any available data channel (Mobile phone, land line, WLAN) to user clients.
  • Wrote a javascript client for the data with real time graphical displays and started on an Android client for the data. Wrote extensive regression and unit tests for the Android client.
  • I loved this job, the pay was terrible but it reignited my interest in all things programming.
  • Sadly the company ran out of funding in the end.
11/2007 - 04/2008, Systems Administrator, Bray Leino, South Molton
  • Checking that projects to deploy were of sufficient quality.
10/2002 - 07/2007, Systems Administrator, Integrated FM, Warwick
  • Managing servers, writing documentation, specifying servers for customers, information security policy development, 2nd line support for customers.
11/1999 - 06/2001, Technical Coordinator, City Netgates, Bristol
  • Unix server management, staff management, project management and development.


1989 - 1992, Human Computer Interaction, University of East London, London
  • DipHE by Independent Study, gained in evening study.


2016, Certified Scrum Master, Agile Alliance, License 544689


Unix/Linux Systems admin
Amazon Web Services


Inspec gives insight, sysadvent blog,

Introduction to Inspec infrastructure test system

Open Source

Github contributions to projects in Go, Python and Ruby

Stackoverflow reputation 15000+ top 3%

Overview della Posizione:

Senior IT Operations Engineer

As Senior IT Operations Engineers are well-experienced professionals, they don't spend most of their time completing "simple" IT tasks. On the other side, they are usually in charge of delegating these duties effectively, regarding the schedule and company's resources. They also make sure that all delegated tasks are executed promptly and as required. Besides delegation, they also hire and train new IT personnel, focus on complex operations issues, and participate in meetings with managers and executives.

Descrizione della Compagnia:

With more than 10,000 employees, presence in over 175 countries, and revenue of $10+ billion (USD) per year, Oracle belongs to the small group of the biggest technology companies in the world. Their software solutions are being used by hundreds of thousands of companies in various industries. Therefore, it goes without saying that if you get a job at Oracle, you will be working with the smartest people and most innovative technologies in the world.

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How to write your own Senior IT Operations Engineer resume?

1. Explain your work responsibilities and put them into numbers

Instead of only briefly describing all your job duties, show to your potential employer what you were in charge of and which specific improvements you brought to your last team or company. After defining these for yourself, try to quantify most of them to make them attract attention. They will help you and your resume to stand out in the pile of thousands of resumes and job applications. They will also show to the Hiring Managers that you are a pro-active individual who likes to take action and lead projects to a successful finish. 

Senior IT Operations Engineer Responsibilities Example

  • "I Implemented a Jenkins system. Providing continuous integration and unit testing on 20+ python and javascript-based projects which are used in the company's core product."

  • "Mentored systems administrators, supported agile development teams, and introduced work methods to support CI/CD."

  • "Managed the YouView STB project tracking current pass rate of the test suite (python-based, running on STB, 1000+ cases)." 

2. Mention relevant Education and Certifications

Although Work Experience is a key part of every resume, don't forget to include other sections which complete the image of you as an employee and human. These could be but are not limited to Education, Certifications, Skills, Volunteering (if applicable), and others. For all these sections, always include only the most relevant information, for example, if you have a Master's degree and many years of work experience, mentioning your high school studies is not necessary.

Senior IT Operations Engineer Education and Certifications Example

  • "Certified Scrum Master / Agile Alliance (2016)"

  • "Certified IT Operations Professional / IT Insitute (2006)"

  • "Human-Computer Interaction / University of East London (1989-1992)"

3. Don't make it too long!

Whatever position you are applying for, do not make your resume too long! Remember, resumes are not for describing every little detail about you and your former jobs. Its' main goal is to give your potential employer an image about what you have accomplished in your career, what skills you have, and what kind of person you are. So only include information which you feel are important and should not be left out. Ideally, your resume should be about 1-2 pages long. 

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