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Graduate Account Manager Resume Sample (Version di testo)

Mary Queen of Scots

Address: Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh, Scotland
Date of birth: 1542-12-14
Email address:
Phone number: (999)-999-9999


Recently graduated in Management from the University of St Andrews. I am interested in pursuing a career in Marketing. I have been following my interest in Market research and Marketing both academically, as well as through extracurricular activities. I have worked as a Brand Ambassador and was an active committee member of Enactus - a students entrepreneurship organization. My professional experience as an account and Marketing intern has furthered my interest in account management. I am outgoing and enthusiastic about new challenges.

Work experience

2016 - 2017, Account and Marketing Intern, Kimberly-Clark Limited, Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Created visual merchandising material to appeal to customers.
  • Collected data and complied company's reports.
  • Organized recruitment events.
  • Implemented digital marketing promotions with community partners.
  • Assisted with business development and marketing strategy.
2015 - 2016, Head of PR and Marketing, Enactus, St Andrews, Scotland

Responsible for the marketing of a branch of an international student entrepreneurship platform on campus.

  • Designed, built, and maintained our social media presence.
  • Developed digital marketing enhancement project that increased reach
  • Tracked analytics and reports for monthly review.
  • Created and planned creative marketing strategies.
  • Recruited new committee members among the student body.
2014 - 2015, Brand Ambassador on Campus, RBS, St Andrews, Scotland
  • Built relationships on campus with faculty and student groups.
  • Worked with an on campus team in advertising.
  • Actively involved in social media campaigning.
  • Assisted with creative content for branding to bring awareness of the event to college students.


2012 - 2016, Management, University of St Andrews, St Andrews, Scotland

Completed a MA Hons in Management with courses in:

  • Marketing
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Introduction to Financial Accounting
  • Introduction to Business Statistics
  • Enterprise Creativity
  • Corporate Social Responsibility, Accountability and Reporting
  • Research Methods




During my university studies, I founded a student marketing consultancy group called CampusTip, which offered services to student clubs and societies. Over the first three years of its existence, 60% of student societies on campus used our services at least once. I served on the advisory board, focusing mainly on product development and customer satisfaction.


2012 - 2016, Tutor, The Afternoon Club, Edinburgh, Scotland

Volunteered as a tutor in a community center targeted at helping children from less privileged backgrounds to succeed academically and socially.


Public Speaking
Professional Communication

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If you're applying for your first job, your resume should revolve mainly around a detailed description of your education. Even if you don't have extensive work experience, make sure to include your positions in student societies and any internships or volunteer work you had over the years. Recruiters love to see graduates who used university years to their full potential.

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