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Instructional Technology Specialist Resume Sample (Full Text Version)

Orion Thorne

Email address:
Phone number: 999-999-999


Seasoned Instructional Technology Specialist with a passion for transforming education through technology. On the lookout for an exciting opportunity to drive innovation and elevate the learning experience through cutting-edge tech integration in education.


09/2014 - 06/2016, Master of Science in Instructional Technology, Stanford University, Stanford, united states
  • GPA 4.0 (Top 1% of the Program)
  • The 2015 Academic Excellence Award winner
09/2011 - 06/2014, Bachelor of Education with a Concentration in Educational Technology, Stanford University, Stanford, united states
  • Graduated with Distinction (Grade 1- A/ Excellent  equivalent in all 5 subjects)

Work Experience

03/2022 - present, Instructional technology specialist, Stanford University, Stanford, united states
  • Collaborated with teachers and administrators to identify and address technology integration challenges, providing tailored solutions and professional development opportunities to improve instructional practices.
  • Designed and delivered interactive training sessions for faculty members on the effective use of instructional technology tools, resulting in a 40% increase in technology adoption among staff.
07/2016 - present, Technology Integration Specialist, Apple Education, new york, united states
  • Successfully implemented and oversaw software solutions, resulting in a commendable 20% increase in operational efficiency and a notable 15% reduction in downtime.
  • Spearheaded the seamless deployment of a cutting-edge CRM system, providing comprehensive training and continuous support to users, which ultimately led to an exceptional 30% surge in customer satisfaction and an impressive 25% sales growth.
  • Formulated and executed an impeccable data security strategy, encompassing the implementation of advanced encryption protocols and the regular conduct of vulnerability assessments, thus fortifying the protection of sensitive information and ensuring strict compliance with regulatory standards.


Computer Skills
dobe Creative Cloud


2021, CoSN, Certified Educational Technology Leader
  • First Class Honours (Top 5% of the Programme)
Position Overview:

An Instructional Technology Specialist is an educational professional focused on integrating technology into the classroom to enhance teaching and learning. Their primary objective is to support educators in effectively using technology and digital resources to improve the quality of instruction. Instructional Technology Specialists collaborate with teachers to develop and implement technology-infused lesson plans, provide training on educational software and hardware, and troubleshoot technical issues. They also stay current on emerging educational technologies and best practices. Their role is pivotal in advancing digital literacy, improving educational outcomes, and ensuring that students and teachers leverage technology for a more engaging and effective learning experience.

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