Hotel Manager Resume Examples & Writing Guide for 2023

Applying for hotel manager positions is much easier when you have a well-crafted resume. With this guide, you’ll know exactly how to write a resume hiring managers will actually read.
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Noel Rojo
Last updated: Oct. 26, 2023
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Hotel Food & Beverage Supervisor at Irvine Company Resume Sample
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Write the ideal hotel manager resume with this quick guide

Hotel managers run a hotel’s day to day operations, creating a smooth, fun and safe work environment for all of their employees. As more and more hotels open up, the need for hotel managers is continuously growing. However, when these positions come up, they tend to be filled quickly.

Luckily, with the right resume, you can stand out from these other candidates.

Read on to learn the four sections you need in the perfect hotel manager resume as well as how to write each one to greatly increase your chances of a hiring manager or owner getting back to you.

1. Writing an eye-catching hotel manager resume summary

There are two primary types of introductory statements for resumes: objective and summaries. Objectives are a single sentence that will tell hiring managers why you’re applying for a position.

Summaries are 1-3 sentence elevator pitches that explain why you’re qualified for a job, providing hiring managers with a cliff-notes version of your resume they can quickly look over to see if you’re a good fit for a position. Most hiring managers will initially read the summary, weeding out unqualified applicants based on this short pitch.

While this method allows hiring managers to quickly find qualified candidates, it also leads to plenty of qualified potential employees getting removed from the hiring pool simply because their summaries weren’t well crafted.

To create an ideal resume summary, you’ll need to open up with why you’re qualified for the position, with most hotel managers listing how long they’ve been in the field and their educational background. A good summary ends here; however, a great summary will then include a few sentences about your skill set based on the job listing. How do you accomplish this? Look at the skills a job listing asks for.

So, for example, if the hotel manager position calls for strong customer service skills and experience with Microsoft Office suite, your summary is an excellent place to quickly list exactly what you’ll bring to your new place of employment.

2. How should a hotel manager describe work experience on a resume?

Your work experience lets hiring managers know what you’ve done for other companies, and you want to make sure your accomplishments stand out. Unfortunately, a lot of applicants simply list out their job responsibilities. Hiring managers are looking for people who deliver results, and to make your hotel manager resume stand out, you’ll want to provide measurable data under your job descriptions.

For example, if you increased employee retention by 82%, insert that in your resume rather than saying something generic like “increased employee satisfaction.”

When you write your work experience section, list up to six bullet points under your last position, making sure to include plenty of measurable data when applicable (although, it’s acceptable to include generalized tasks like “regularly used Office Suite” if mentioned in the job listing). Each point should only be a single sentence, with expansions and detailed explanations getting delivered during the in-person interview. As you go further back in your work history, include fewer bullet points and try to focus on only using measurable data.

If your work experience is limited, such as those going through a career change or recent college graduates, you can still create a well thought out work experience section that shows hiring managers why you’re right for a hotel manager position. Look at what skills a hotel manager uses that you called upon in other jobs, even if they seem unrelated on the surface.

For example, if you used to work in data entry, make a connection between that experience and a hotel manager’s ability and need to collect and store data on employees and customers.

3. How much educational history should a hotel manager put on a resume?

If you’re applying for a hotel manager position, you likely have a great educational background, and now is the time to brag about it. Many applicants will simply list their school’s name (for instance, Cornell School of Hotel Administration or Georgetown University), degree obtained and years attended, but this is severely underutilizing your resume space to prove why you’re the right candidate for the position. Instead, a well-crafted education section will make connections between your time in college and the job you’re applying for.

For example, if you worked as an intern for a semester managing a boutique hotel in Los Angeles, talk about your biggest accomplishments during that semester. By making these connections, you’re able to boost your resume to the top of the pile. 

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4. What skills should a hotel manager include on a resume?

A hotel manager requires a varied skill set, ranging from clear communication skills to the ability to connect both front and back of the house to work towards shared goals. However, a skills section is limited, and you’ll need to reflect on the job listing to decide which skills to list. Begin by listing out both your soft and hard skills in a separate document. Next, take a look at the job listing and see what exactly the company you’re considering applying to is looking for. 

Use the skills discussed in the job listing as a guide for what to include in this section, targeting what the company you’re applying to is looking for. This doesn’t mean you can’t include other relevant skills as well; however, try to make the majority of your skill section revolve around what the hiring company is looking for. These skills don’t need to be expanded upon in the resume, a few bullet points will be fine, and you’ll have the ability to talk more about them during an in-person interview.

Finally, make sure that you adjust your skill section for each resume you submit as different companies will have different skills they need on their team.

In conclusion...

Applying for a hotel manager position can feel stressful, but with the right resume, the process is much smoother. When you create a well-crafted resume with a concise resume summary and detailed work history, education and skill sections, you’ll find hiring managers are much more likely to call you for an interview. 

Published on Dec. 7, 2021
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