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Greta Thunberg Famous Resume (Full Text Version)

Greta Thunberg

Address: Stockholm, Sweden
Nationality: Swedish
Date of birth: 2003-01-03
Email address:


Student and outspoken climate activist seeking to stop global warming and climate change. Vegan who gave up flying to lower her carbon footprint.


  • Organized a school strike for climate outside the Swedish Parliament which has since spread all over the world and now involves over 100,000 schoolchildren
  • Spoke before the UN plenary assembly, at the EU Conference, World Economic Forum or Austrian World Summit
  • Named one of the world's 25 most influential teenagers of 2018 by the Time magazine
  • Nominated for the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize

Why climate change?

Greta has been diagnosed with autism, A.D.H.D., and other conditions. It’s very common that people on the autism spectrum have a special interest in some topic. Greta's is in the climate change and environment. She has been researching the topic since she was nine years old.


Riding bicycle

Activism and Speeches

08/2018, School strike for climate, Stockholm, Sweden

Decided to not attend school until the 2018 Sweden general election on 9 September after the country experience severe heat waves and wildfires. Protested by sitting outside the Swedish parliament and demanded that the government reduce carbon emissions in accordance with the Paris Agreement. After the election, she continued to protest every Friday.

10/2018, Declaration of Rebellion organized by Extinction Rebellion, London, United Kingdom

Spoke at the climate change protest. Drove to London with her family in an electric car.

11/2018, TEDxStockholm, Stockholm, Sweden

Spoke about how she realized that climate change was a problem and wondered why it was not headline news in every media. Speculating that her children and grandchildren would ask her why they had not taken action while there was still time, she concluded with "we can’t change the world by playing by the rules, because the rules have to be changed."

12/2018, United Nations Climate Change Conference, Katowice, Poland

Spoke before the plenary assembly and also participated in a panel talk together with representatives of the We Don't Have Time Foundation, in which she talked about how the school strikes began.

01/2019, World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland

Arrived to the conference after a 32-hour train journey in contrast to the many delegates who arrived by up to 1500 individual private jet flights. In her speech, she pointed it out: "I think it is insane that people are gathered here to talk about the climate and they arrive here in a private jet."

02/2019, Conference of the European Economic and Social Committee, Brussels, Belgium

Spoke to the assembly and European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker. Demanded that the EU reduce their CO2 emissions by at least 80 % before 2030 to thus meet their climate goals. Later, she joined a climate protest in Brussels.

05/2019, Austrian World Summit R20, Vienna, Austria

Gave a speech and met with Arnold Schwarzenegger, UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, and Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen at the opening of a conference organized to speed up progress towards the Paris Agreement.


present, High School (name not known), Sweden


Other skills
Public speaking
Communication skills


Nobel Peace Prize 2019 Nominee

Nominated for the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize by three Norwegian lawmakers.

Children's Climate Prize Nominee, Telge Energi

Was nominated for the prize for children and young people who promote sustainable development, but declined because the finalists would have to fly to Stockholm.

03/2019, German Golden Camera, Funke Mediengruppe

One of the most recognized media awards in Germany. In her acceptance speech, Greta called on media celebrities to use their voices to help effect change.

05/2018, Debate article writing competition on the climate, Svenska Dagbladet


05/2019, No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference, Penguin, ISBN: 9780141991740

Collection of Greta's speeches.

08/2018, Sweden is not a role model,

Article in which Greta pointed out that rich countries must cut their emissions by 15 % a year. Highlighted that Sweden is not a role model as its actual emissions had gone up and is eighth in the world according to WWF. Noted that the people of Sweden yearly emits 11 tonnes of CO2 per capita.

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