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University Biomedical Researcher Resume Sample (Text version)

Johanna Gabbard

Address: Fuglebakk 99, 999199, Copenhagen, Denmark
Nationality: Danish
Date of birth: 1991-19-09
Email address:
Phone number: 999-999-999


Recent graduate from the Molecular Biomedicine programme at University of Copenhagen, with a strong profile in chromatin biology, protein science, and bioinformatics.

Close to two years of experience doing full-time research, associated with different molecular biology labs. Extensive experience working with histones and their role in the cellular DNA damage response. Hands on experience with both cell-based assays, as well as purification of recombinant histones and biophysical characterization of their interaction partners.

Avid programmer, having applied programming to solve numerous problems within the realms of bioinformatics, data analysis and visualization, and statistics. Experience in design and execution of functional protein screens, using a combination of programmable high-content microscopes, image processing and programming.


2016 - 06/2018, MSc. Molecular Biomedicine, University of Copenhagen

MSc. Thesis: "Molecular and structural basis of histone H1 ubiquitylation in the DNA damage response."

Supervisor: Niels Mailand

Weighted average: 11/12 (Thesis; 12)

2014, Exchange programme, National University of Singapore

CM1131 Physical Chemistry

LSM3223 Immunology

LSM4226 Infection and Immunity

LSM4242 Protein Engineering

2012 - 2015, BSc. Molecular Biomedicine, University of Copenhagen

BSc. Thesis: “Phosphorylations of the novel ubiquitin receptor

Dss1 investigated by NMR spectroscopy, bioinformatics and computation.”

Supervisor: Birthe B. Kraglund

2007 - 2010, Aalborghus Gymnasium, Aalborg, Denmark

STX dimploma from Aalborghus Gymnasium

Maths, chemistry and physics programme

Average: 11.6

Work experience

2013 - 2014, Student assistant, Immudex, Copenhagen, Denmark

Student assistant at a small biotech company located in Copenhagen, working with antigen specific T-cell detection methods for clinical and research orientated experiments. Built and maintained database for use in marketing. Developed methods to monitor sales through spreadsheets. Some laboratory work involving FACS and protein purification. Odd jobs such as making coffee, cleaning and taking care of mail and deliveries.

2013, Teaching assistant, University of Copenhagen

Worked 2013 summer for UCPH in an introductory course for students starting the biochemistry undergraduate programme in collaboration with two students. I designed most of the course content dealing with chemistry and responsible for teaching chemistry, both organic and inorganic.

2012 - 2013, Floor manager, Lektier Online, Copenhagen

Initially working as a volunteer, i was associated with an organization called Lektier-Online (briefly, a website where challenged primary- and high school students can seek assistance with homework and school related problems -, where i later became employed as daily floor leader. I was responsible for managing the the other voluntary university students and the call center (Kubis Nord), and i also helped develop the interface of the website.


Unicorn (automated ÄKTA purification)
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop
Office Package


2015, Gold Medal winner 2015, iGEM

Gold medal winner at the 2015 iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition) at MIT with team SpaceMoss (UCPH).

Nominated for best composite bio-brick part.

Nominated for best environmental project.


Ron Mail, University of Copenhagen, CPR

Principal investigator during my master's thesis

Brigitte Krage, University of Copenhagen, Dept. of Biology

Principal investigator during my bachelor's thesis


Time with fiends
Summer sports
Position Overview:

Biomedical Researcher 

University biomedical researchers are usually young individuals who have recently gotten their degree in a biomedicine-related field and are looking to gain some research experience before moving on to earning another title. They tend to help their respective university department with day-to-day tasks and administration while working closely with professors on research projects. This involves gathering data from digital and analog sources, creating data reports, and communicating with the research project supervisor regularly. Anyone who has a passion for biomedicine, has great research skills, and is well-organized would be a good fit for this job. Being able to use tools to analyze data is oftentimes strongly recommended.

Company Overview:
University of Copenhagen

The University of Copenhagen is Denmark’s leading higher education institution. It has become well known for its modern approach to research and hands-on methods to teach students. The school is attended by over 35,000 students and employs almost 10,000 staffers, both academic and administrative, making it an environment full of vibrant, innovative people who will undoubtedly be a joy to work with. Employees are usually very well paid when taking into context the working conditions of this sector. Flexible hours and great benefits are also worth pointing out. Proficiency in Danish is not necessary, but it tends to help with fitting into the workplace.

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How to write your own University Biomedical Researcher resume?

1. Convey your readiness to perform academic work

Once anyone starts in their university researcher position, they will likely come into contact with information that is not comprehensible to just anyone. It is therefore crucial that universities hire people who are able to understand, on a whim, what the data that they’ve collected means. 

A solid academic tends to be a good indicator of this as well as any relevant work experience. In light of that, make sure that you adequately list all relevant educational background and previous positions which you held. Be sure to add some description to each of them. Things like what exactly you did, how your work contributed to a project etc.

University Biomedical Researcher Resume Education Example

MSc. Molecular Biomedicine / University of Copenhagen (2016 – 06/2018)

  • MSc. Thesis: "Molecular and structural basis of histone H1 ubiquitylation in the DNA damage response." 

  • Supervisor: Niels Mailand

  • Weighted average: 11/12 (Thesis; 12)

Exchange programme / National University of Singapore (2014)

  • CM1131 Physical Chemistry

  • LSM3223 Immunology

  • LSM4226 Infection and Immunity

  • LSM4242 Protein Engineering

2. List which relevant tools you are proficient in using

Doing academic work and all that relates to it, like data science, requires people to be proficient in using tools specifically engineered for these purposes. This especially includes data analysis software. Make sure to indicate how proficient you are at using such tools in your resume, as it will tell universities how prepared you are to not just comprehend information, but also manipulate it into accessible formats and conduct different operations with it.

Other useful skills which definitely won’t go to waste on your resume are things like language proficiency. Maybe even provide evidence of your skills via listing achievements and awards which you may have been awarded.

University Biomedical Researcher Resume Skills Example


  • "English - Fluent"

  • "Danish - Native"

  • "German - Limited"


  • "R - Excellent"

  • "Python - Very Good"

  • "Perl - Good"

3. Attach recommendations from relevant contacts

This is something you should want to do with any job application, but it is especially important in the academic field. Being able to put forward recommendations from figures of authority who taught you or under whom you’ve worked signals that someone who has already managed to achieve a lot in the field sees potential in you. This means that other similar figures of authority (professors) will be more confident in taking you on to work on their projects. Because of the hierarchical structure of the academic sector, having a recommendation from a teacher with a “big name” can almost guarantee you a position in the world of higher education.

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