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How long does it take for Kickresume to reply?

While it can take up to 2 work days, it’s usually much quicker.

Our amazing support team is working tirelessly to answer all your questions but sometimes they do get swamped. Still, we always try to reply to every message we receive.

What is Kickresume?

Kickresume is the company behind the popular AI career toolbox. Our main products include an AI-powered resume builder, cover letter builder, simple website creator, resume checker, remote job board called Pyjama Jobs, and more.

Kickresume was featured by various respected media outlets, such as CNBC, Forbes, Insider, Fortune, Tech Radar. It also made an appearance on the This Week in Startups podcast.

Kickresume has already helped more than 3,600,000 people create their resumes and land their dream jobs. Our tools allow job seekers to create well-written and visually appealing resumes, and by extension help them land better jobs more easily.

Many of Kickresume’s customers were hired at some of the world’s top companies like Apple, Tesla, or Google. Some of them even allowed us to share their anonymized resumes and cover letters, all of which you can find in our extensive resume samples library.

Where is Kickresume based?

Kickresume is based in the EU, more specifically in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Thanks to that, our customers are being protected by some of the world’s strictest customer protection laws (e.g. EU’s GDPR).

Who is Kickresume?

Kickresume is made of a team of about 20 people. We’re a group of IT enthusiasts, HR professionals, creative types, and most of all, good friends.

What started as a small student project has grown into a successful company that has already helped more than 3 million people create their resumes and land jobs they’ve always wanted.

Thanks to these 3 million people (that means you!), we were able to build a company that gives us jobs we love too. It’s funny how it works, isn’t it?