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You may seek inspiration to enhance your resume and effectively showcase your skills and accomplishments. We are thrilled to share this successful Creative Director CV example that played a pivotal role in securing a real job seeker's position at Cassette Monkeys. With their kind permission, we are delighted to share this impressive resume with our readers. Feel free to copy-paste this resume sample for free or customize it using our user-friendly online resume maker to make it your own.

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Kreatívny riaditeľ v spoločnosti Cassette Monkeys Ukážka životopisu (textová verzia)

Samuel Dean

Address: Evergreen Place 1, Winnipeg, Canada
Email address:
Phone number: 999-9999


My goal is to inspire 1,000 communities to adopt the benefits of Digital Assets. Through mentoring creativity, I hope to create genuine influential content that resonate with the industry and helps build community. Developing strategy for connection with others, is the best way to contribute to a better world.

Work Experience

10/2021 - present, Content Production | Industry Expert,, Remote, United States
  • In-House Content Photo and Video Production Team
  • Filmed over 300 product review and video interviews which led to 28,000 more customers in winter 2022 (143% Growth season over season growth)
  • $100,000+ in sales through Curated Sales App
  • Developing Fly Fishing Experience
01/2021 - present, Content Creator and Digital Marketing Specialist, Stoked On Ice LLC
  • Designed end to end digital marketing strategy for Payment Processing Companies
  • Clients range from lifestyle brands to payment processing companies
  • Created video content for a collaboration with CAF Foundation, Shaun White, and People Magazine that generated over 60 million views
  • NFT Strategy Development
10/2017 - 12/2021, Assistant Director | Technology Lead, Adaptive Sports At Mount Snow
  • Managed multiple social media infrastructure project budgets for B2B & B2C including nonprofit and for profit businesses
  • Implemented guidelines and policy for (150+) volunteers to promote programming and recruitment
  • In-House Web Designer, Content Creator, Editor


  • Contributor to Ukraine DAO and Puerto Rico Rock Steady NFT Projects.
  • Guided a team to execute digital content strategy which increased fundraising contributions for 2021 during the pandemic
  • Coordinated Video Production of High Performance Athletes from X-Games to People Magazine
  • Created and hosted a podcast to showcase careers in urban art and the outdoors industry
  • Designed diverse revenue streams for Local NYC Artists


Software Tools
Adobe Creative Suites
Non-profit Production Skills
Branding Strategy
Donor Management


2011, B.S., Business Management, Saint Peter's University, Jersey City, United States
04/2022 - 05/2022, Fundamentals of Bitcoin & Crypto, Crypto Academy
  • Financial Markets
  • Technical Basics
  • DApps, DAOS, ICOS, NFTs, and Social Tokens

w/Anthony Pompliano

O pozícií:

As a Creative Director, you will be the visionary leader responsible for driving and overseeing the creative direction of projects. Your role will involve conceptualizing and implementing innovative ideas, guiding the creative team, and ensuring the delivery of compelling and impactful designs across various mediums. The ideal candidate should possess strong artistic and design skills, excellent leadership abilities, and a proven track record in developing and executing creative strategies. Your expertise will be instrumental in shaping the visual identity and brand presence of the company.

O firme:
Cassette Monkeys

Cassette Monkeys is an innovative company dedicated to the world of audio entertainment and technology. With a passion for music and sound, Cassette Monkeys specializes in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of cutting-edge audio products. From high-quality headphones and speakers to advanced audio systems, Cassette Monkeys strives to deliver immersive and captivating audio experiences. The company combines expertise in audio engineering with creative design to produce products that meet the demands of music enthusiasts and professionals alike. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Cassette Monkeys continues to push the boundaries of audio technology and inspire a new generation of sound enthusiasts.

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