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Technology Researcher at the the World Bank Resume Sample (Version di testo)

Naman Singla

Address: India
Nationality: Indian
Date of birth: 1994-11-09
Email Id:
Phone number: contact hidden

Career Objective

To have a growth-oriented and challenging career, where I can contribute my knowledge and skills to an organisation and enhance my experience through continuous learning and teamwork. 


2017, University Institute of Engineering and Technology, B.E. Mechanical, CGPA 7.89

Panjab University 

2013, Government Model Senior Secondary School Sector 19-C, 10+2 (Non-Med), XII% 91.6

Central Board of Secondary Education

2011, Shishu Niketan Senior Secondary School Chandigarh, Matric, CGPA 9.6

Central Board of Secondary Education


01/2017 - 05/2017, Created composite EDM tools by powder metallurgy and stir casting, Technology Researcher (funded by The World Bank)
  • Researched stir casting and powder metallurgy process for fabrication of composites.
  • Created copper tungsten and copper aluminum composites by stir casting and powder metallurgy method.
  • Compared hardness, porosity and density of copper aluminium composites.
08/2016 - 12/2016, Created an adjustable workspace to eliminate side effects of long sitting, Active Chair

Designed and fabricated an adjustable workspace so as to eliminate side effects of the same posture over a long time, 13% of body weight supported on feet reducing fatigue as in standing and will be helpful in burning calories than sitting and also increasing productivity and attentiveness of the user. 

02/2015 - 10/2015, Constructed a human-electric hybrid tricycle, Efficycle 2015
  • Represented UIET at the Efficycle‐2015 virtual round and out of 250 teams qualified to design a tricycle at KIET Ghaziabad. Organised by SAE India.
  • Designed and constructed a human-electric hybrid power tricycle (Tadpole design), capable of seating two passengers aiming to develop an environment-friendly mobility solution.
  • Worked on 3D modelling of Roll cage in Solidworks.
  • Represented UIET in Eefficycle‐2015 held at Lovely Professional University by SAE India and ended up 14th overall out of 100 teams (among top 5 in final race).
  • Handled the cost presentations of the whole event and successfully reduced the actual cost compared to the estimated cost.
Constructed an electro-chemical machine able to machine-cast up to 5mm thick iron sheets, Mini Projects

Constructed a small-scale working prototype of an electro-chemical machine able to machine-cast iron sheets of thickness up to 5 mm.

Combination Die

Designed and fabricated combination punch die arrangement can perform bending and piercing operations simultaneously. 

Pocket Lathe

Miniature Lathe Prototype able to work on wood and light materials like Aluminum. Designed the 3-Jaw-Chuck Mechanism and 3-axis Carriage Moving Mechanism.


Current advancements in research trends in variations of electrical discharge machining: a review


01/2017 - 05/2017, UIET

Research Intern

06/2016 - 07/2016, See Lube Technologies Pvt Ltd

Internship on the manufacturing of greases and lubricating oils

05/2015 - 06/2015, Panipat Thermal Power Plant

Internship on plant familiarization

Position Of responsibility

01/2016 - 03/2016, Event Head, GOONJ 2016
  • Headed the AQUAJET event.
  • Responsible for management and smooth functioning of technical events.
  • Responsible for gathering data and inviting teams for participation.
08/2014 - 10/2014, Test head, SAE Efficycle 2014
  • Break Test Head.
  • Led a team of 6 students.
  • Responsible for the completion of tracks before final event.


  • GATE-2017 91.8 percentile.
  • 2nd in “producir” at PECFEST 2014.
  • Was among the 3 core committee members at SAE Efficycle 2013.
  • Letter of appreciation by Mr Kapil Sibbal (Former Education Minister) in class X.


  • Participated in “bridge your way” in Techelone 2015.
  • Participated in “dome it” event at PECFEST 2014. 
  • Part of school NCC and participated in the march past during Chandigarh's independence day celebration.


Solid Works
Interpersonal skills
Committed to assigned job
Quick Learner
Active listener


Web crawling
Feeling the music
Overview della Posizione:

Technology Researcher

Any kind of research entails studying trends or specific things. What they were in the past, what they look like now, and potentially make a prediction on what they will be in the future. A Technology Researcher does all this, just exclusively for all things tech. They interpret what ramifications findings have to their employer and communicate that to the rest of the personnel. Along with that, they may educate them on the use of new technology and ensure that products and solutions are applied in a way that maximizes their potential or worth. The post usually requires a bachelor’s degree in an area of specialty and familiarity with the field’s concepts, practices, and protocols. 

Descrizione della Compagnia:
World Bank

The World Bank Group is the multilateral organization on a mission to achieve fiscal equality across the world. The main mechanism it uses to do that is reducing poverty in creditworthy middle-income countries by promoting sustainable development through loans, risk management products, advisory services, and guarantees. It also aids the world’s poorest countries by helping them develop good healthcare, education, and government institutions. Workers get international exposure, technical expertise, and have an important mission. The complex nature of the institution may result in the workload being a little too much sometimes, but if you like the work and the big idea behind it, this should not put you off.

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1. Explain or remind the reader why you are applying

To a large degree, what you want to do with a resume is stand out from the crowd. That is especially the case with so many new technology experts coming out of schools these days. 

One way with which you can do so is, at the beginning of your resume, put down a personalized note to the readers, explaining why you applied for this job and how it fits into your broader careerist expectations. It will convey that you are someone who is motivated to start doing what you were presumably trained to do and show that you are willing to go that one extra step.

Technology Researcher Career Objective Example

  • "To have a growth-oriented and challenging career, where I can contribute my knowledge and skills to an organization and enhance my experience through continuous learning and teamwork."

2. Point to something that can make you stand out

Going in the theme we’ve outlined in our first piece of advice, find something about your past that is something to remember you by. Everyone applying for this job likely has some formal qualifications and previous work experience. Even a skillset that is expected for them to have.

You can get one-up on these applicants by looking for things in your past, that either prove you are extraordinarily able at doing what you’ve applied to do or have done something to exceed the reader’s expectations. Awards, achievements, or even academic publications can go a long way here.

Technology Researcher Achievements Example

  • "GATE-2017 91.8 percentile"

  • "2nd in “producer” at PECFEST2014"

  • "Was among the 3 core committee members at SAE Efficycle 2013"

  • "Letter of appreciation by Mr. Kapil Sibbal (Former Education Minister) in class X"

3. Balance out the technical aspect with something different

Lastly, one more thing you can try to do to seem like someone who is a little different than the average “IT guy” is giving your resume a more personal take as well. Our first piece of advice is definitely a space you can try to do that, but also make sure to add something like your hobbies, extracurricular activities, or even a list of interpersonal skills to your resume. This will demonstrate that you are indeed someone willing to show they can above and beyond their usual scope of responsibilities.

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