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Software Engineer at Volkswagen Cover Letter Sample (Version di testo)

Robert Junior

February, 28th 2021
Application for Software Engineer

Dear Recruitment Team,

I am currently enrolled in the final semester of my Master's degree in Information Systems at the Technical University Munich (TUM). After successfully completing my studies, I am looking for a new challenge as a software engineer in the web development context. I am particularly interested in working as a Full Stack Developer at Audi Business Innovation as I am really passionate about using state-of-the-art technologies to create solutions that increase customer value and make a significant contribution to the developer community. I believe that my professional experience coupled with the research I conducted throughout my studies have provided me with the technical expertise and collaborative mindset needed to drive your development efforts for user-friendly and innovative web applications.

During my studies​, I gathered a broad understanding of software engineering. I started my Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems in 2014 and since then studied relevant courses like Algorithms and Data Structures, IT Security, Databases, and IT project management. It was at this point that I discovered my passion for web development and decided to write my bachelor's thesis on bidirectional communication with WebSockets. During my master’s degree, I deepened my knowledge in the areas of Web Development and Software Architecture. In several university projects I gained practical experience in building web applications with React, Express and MongoDB. Since the operation of a well-designed API is of crucial importance for modern applications, I devoted my master's thesis to the analysis of modern Web API paradigms with regard to their evolution. After examining the evolutionary patterns of REST, GraphQL, and gRPC I implemented a command line tool that utilizes a custom domain-specific language to automatically migrate client code according to changes in a Web API dependency.

Next to my studies, I gained ​working experience in different professional environments. After completing my apprenticeship to become an IT Specialist in System Integration, I worked as an IT Systems Engineer for various customers in the private and public sectors. After two years I wanted to face a new challenge and started studying Information Systems, but simultaneously continued to work as a student in my previous position. Aiming to apply the skills I acquired during my studies, I started a student job at Siemens AG, where I am currently employed. In this position, I practiced agile techniques like Scrum in a requirements engineering environment and support my team in identifying requirements and defining change requests, including the definition of Web APIs between systems in coordination with internal and external contractors. In addition to my main tasks, I discovered the potential of automating the process for forecast planning within the accounting department. For this purpose, I prototyped a Windows Forms (C#) App to import, track and report forecast data, which eliminates manual errors and significantly reduced the processing time. Both positions let me grow personally and helped me experience how to solve problems and complex technical issues together as a team and on my own.

Programming is a real ​passion​ of mine and I love to spend my free time with acquiring new skills and developing personal projects​. To mention one hobby project, I developed an iOS app for myself to keep track of my grades and courses. Right now, I am working on a NextJS web application to facilitate the internationalization of applications by providing a real-time collaborative platform for software developers and translators. As a conclusion, I have gathered experience developing software and web apps not only during my studies and student jobs but also by myself and would love to become a Full Stack Developer at Volkswagen.

Working in a professional environment requires a lot of communication and team thinking. Not only do I not hesitate to ask questions but I also ​love​ to share my knowledge and work in a team environment together with people in different roles and with different backgrounds, both technical and cultural. My job reference from Siemens AG as well as the certificate of my master's degree are being processed and I will submit them soon. Thank you very much for your time and consideration and I hope to hear from you soon. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


Robert Junior

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