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Upgrade your resume by reworking this Kroger Clerk resume example. This exact resume helped one of our customers kick-start their career with Kroger. That customer let us share their resume with everybody. Copy and paste this resume sample free of charge or edit it directly using Kickresume's powerful resume creator.

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Kroger Clerk Resume Example (Versione Testo Intero)

Jeffery Gray

Email address:
Phone number: 555-555-5555


  • Effective communicator who is able to engage with and persuade a diverse population.
  • Charismatic leader that demonstrates reliability and commitment towards others.
  • Hard worker and adaptable individual who can remain calm and focused in high-pressure or stressful situations.
  • Ability to resolve conflicts through mediation.


08/2018 - present, Political Science with Track in Law & Public Policy, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY, United States

Minors: Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) and Peace, Justice, and Conflict Transformation

Work experience

05/2020 - present, ClickList Clerk, Kroger
  • Responsible for cashiering, receiving, staging, sorting, cleaning and handling groceries.
  • Ensure groceries are delivered to customers in safest possible way.
  • Receive customer inquiries and resolve possible customer service issues in person and by phone.
  • Assist customers by helping locate and decide on which products to purchase.
06/2019 - present, Air Ramp Person, UPS
  • Train new hires on the procedures and regulations; adjust instructional style based on each individual's needs and learning style.
  • Reassign tasks based volume and need in order to solve any problems that arise.
  • Communicate with supervisors and peers to ensure that all nightly goals are met.
  • Maintain good relationships with others in order to promote a positive and productive work environment.
08/2018 - 05/2019, Referee, University of Louisville
  • Judged performances in sporting competitions in order to award points, impose scoring penalties, and determine results.
  • Inspected sporting equipment and/or examine participants in order to ensure compliance with event and safety regulations.
  • Resolved claims of rule infractions or complaints by participants and assess any necessary penalties, according to regulations.
  • Researched and studied players and teams in order to anticipate issues that might arise in future engagements


01/2020 - present, Campus Corps Leader, Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign
  • Host meetings for volunteering students.
  • Travel across country to participate in campaign events.
  • Call phones and canvass to discuss government elections.
08/2018 - present, Secretary, Club Tennis
  • Administrated the appropriate documentation for student players.
  • Booking courts and conference facilities.
12/2018 - present, President, Secular Student Alliance
  • Book rooms to host meetings with members.
  • Meet and share progress with national chapter members.
08/2018 - present, Member, Black Student Union
  • Meet with fellow students and discuss and improve life on campus.


05/2020, Mediation and Conflict Counselor Training, University of Louisville
  • Actively listened to clients and reflected progress towards goals and objectives.
  • Assessed clients goals and objectives through structured interview questions.
  • Utilized psychological techniques and methods to facilitate change and motivate clients towards positive outcomes.


Exploring distant lands
Getting lost in a good book
Every kind of sport
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