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Digital Imaging Specialist Cover Letter Template (Version di testo)

Emma Wall

Chicago, IL, United States
18 February 2021
Application for Digital Imaging Specialist

Dear Hiring Manager,

As a Digital Imaging Specialist with 4 years of archival processing experience in museum and university settings, I apply with enthusiasm for this opportunity.

I am currently the Digital Archives Specialist at the Essig Museum of Art & Design, where I have spent the past 4 years digitalizing its permanent collection. In collaboration with the archivist, I identify artifacts for digitization via photograph or scan. I then catalog digitized artifacts in the TMS Collections database by creating or updating records to capture metadata (e.g. physical description, current location, condition, measurements, historical significance, keyword tags). Once complete, I publish catalog records and provide current links for public access via our website and researcher portal. I also respond to internal and public image requests from the collection.

Mirroring your requirements, I have a thorough knowledge of TMS Collections, DACS, EAD, XML, Dublin Core, MARC, Archivematica, Excel, and FileMaker. In addition to my professional experience, I hold a BA in History and an MA in Archives & Digital Records Management.

For me, being a Digital Imaging Specialist isn’t a job - it’s a passion. It is far more than sorting through dusty material. It’s about showcasing life real events, people, and objects from our shared past, and ensuring that future generations can directly access their community’s history.

Please find attached my résumé for your consideration. Thank you very much for your time. I look forward to hearing from you regarding next steps.

Yours sincerely,

Emma Wall

Emma Wall

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