In the era of remote work, Kickresume's latest research delves into the correlation between work models and employee satisfaction, offering unique insights for employers and employees alike.

Kickresume, a leading AI career hub and resume builder, has interviewed hundreds of workers and released an insightful Beyond Remote Work report which investigates the current state of remote work. One chapter particularly stands out, addressing the long-standing debate: which remote work model does lead to the happiest workers — hybrid or fully remote?

Remote work models: A split decision

Kickresume's research shows that both the hybrid and fully remote work models are almost equally common, with 51% of surveyed professionals working in hybrid environments and the remaining 49% fully remote.

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However, when it comes to a sense of happiness and overall satisfaction, one model stands out.

Happiness index: The 100% remote model triumphs

Kickresume's report reveals a strong correlation between different remote work models and worker happiness. The data indicate that employees working under the 100% remote model reported the highest levels of total happiness at 73%.

When the "totally happy" and "a bit happier" responses are put together, however, hybrid models with once-per-week and once-per-month office visits take the lead. In other words, all workers reported an increase in happiness after transitioning to a fully remote or hybrid work model.

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In contrast, the hybrid model with more than two on-site days per week showed the highest percentage of workers who are "not really" happy, standing at 9%. This finding suggests that the frequency of office visits might negatively impact employees' well-being, making them feel overwhelmed or burdened.

"The data shows that flexibility and control over one's schedule can greatly impact the happiness and well-being of remote workers," says Peter Duris, CEO at Kickresume. "The shift to remote work is much more than just a change of workspace. It’s about redefining what work-life balance means in the modern age."

Satisfaction with remote work increases with seniority

Another fascinating insight from the report is the link between job position and remote work satisfaction. 

Interns, potentially due to limited experience and a need for guidance, showed a higher dissatisfaction rate (9%) in remote settings. In contrast, executive employees, having more control over their schedules and work environment, showed a 0% dissatisfaction rate.

This data suggests that job satisfaction in a remote work setting increases with seniority.

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Remote work happiness: What makes the difference?

When it comes to other factors contributing to remote work happiness, flexibility reigns supreme, with 62% of remote workers cherishing their flexible schedules the most. Other prominent benefits include a better work-life balance (59%), saving money on commuting or lunches (54%), eliminating the need to commute (53%), and the flexibility to work from anywhere and travel (52%).

While the benefits of remote work are plentiful, challenges do exist. Lack of socialization (47%) emerged as the biggest hurdle, followed by overworking (37%), an increase in calls/meetings (32%), distractions at home (30%), and difficulty separating personal and work life (30%).

"Remote work indeed works. With an overwhelming 97% of remote workers stating they are happier since transitioning to remote work, the benefits are undeniable,” says Peter Duris, CEO at Kickresume. "However, our report also underlines the importance of adapting and addressing the challenges remote work presents. Understanding the nuances of remote work and tailoring policies to meet the needs of employees across seniority levels and preferences will be key to harnessing the full potential of remote work."

For a deeper look into the report’s findings, download the full Beyond Remote Work report at or contact us.

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