Kickresume has recently launched a new AI resume & cover letter writer that can help job seekers write their career documents.

Many job seekers don't enjoy the not-so-fun part that comes with looking for a new job — writing resumes and cover letters.

Kickresume, the company behind the popular online resume builder of the same name, believes their new AI writer can help job seekers write first drafts of their resumes and cover letters.

The AI writer generates relevant work experience descriptions for resumes.

It even generates role-specific cover letters that look and feel much like real people's cover letters.

How does the AI writer work?

The writer is powered by OpenAI's GPT-3 — a powerful autoregressive language model that uses machine learning to produce human-like text.

GPT-3 is a model from the world's leading AI labs, with over 175 billion machine learning parameters, trained on thousands of digital books and nearly a trillion words posted to blogs, and the rest of the internet.

It's able to learn the structure of language and generate text that's grammatically correct and sounds natural.

And not just usual texts or articles, but also programming code or resumes.

You input some text as a prompt and the model will transform it into what it predicts to be the most useful result. 

In this case, you can use it to write your resume or cover letter. Here's how:

  1. Pick a pre-made resume or cover letter template at Kickresume.
  2. Enter your most recent job title and press the “Use AI Writer” button. The AI writer will then produce a work experience description or a cover letter for you.
  3. If you dislike the text, just press the button again. It will generate another set of sentences or rewrite the whole cover letter from scratch.

This means that every AI-generated content is different and job seekers don't have to worry about the plagiarism of their career documents.

AI writing works on credits. A free account comes with five credits; every premium subscription includes a higher number of monthly credits (100+). Each work experience description will consume one credit, and each cover letter three credits.

Kickresume's AI cover letter writer

All that's left then is to edit the text to make it more you. 

Naturally, an AI has no way of knowing about you or your career accomplishments. But these consequent edits are usually easier to make when you already have the first draft at hand.

How did we, at Kickresume, come up with the idea?

Despite the sheer number of our resume guides or examples, some people still struggle with writing their career documents.

And that's perfectly okay. It doesn't make anyone less qualified for the role they want to apply for.

Not everyone can (or wants to) be a writer; some people simply don’t enjoy writing resumes as much as resume experts do. 

And the same goes for cover letters.

Cover letters are still required for many job positions. Yet, many job seekers hate writing them. Sometimes, it even prevents them from applying for a job. It got us thinking — how could we possibly help them? Then we came up with the idea of using AI-generated content. This way, people can apply for any dream job they want. Now they create thousands of unique resumes and cover letters daily using this feature. Tomáš Ondrejka, Co-Founder at Kickresume

Fortunately, job seekers can now overcome the stress of looking at a blank page and struggling with what to write.

The job search itself can be stressful enough anyway.

Kickresume's AI resume writer

What does an AI-generated cover look like?

Here's an example:

The cover letter generated by Kickresume's AI cover letter writer