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Legal Counsel Resume Sample (Text version)

Dean Ambrose

Date of birth: 1999-19-09
Email address:
Phone number: 999-999-999

Work experience

08/2017 - present, Of Counsel, Vasiliev, Klein & Usov (U.S.-Russian law office), Moscow, Russia
07/2013 - present, Senior legal counsel, Wooden Fish Investment Fund, Moscow, Russia
04/2010 - 07/2013, Senior legal counsel, Yota (largest Russian 4G operator), Moscow, Russia
10/2008 - 04/2010, Legal counsel, Ritzio Entertainment Group, Moscow, Russia
04/2008 - 09/2008, Trainee legal counsel, MARSH (U.S. largest insurance broker), Paris, La Defence, France
03/2004 - 06/2007, Senior legal counsel, Federal Space Agency of Russia, Moscow, Russia


  • Advised on joint-venture and subsequent sale of Yota (largest Russian 4G operator) to Megafon (one of the largest Russian cell operators) for US$1,2bln;
  • Advised on acquisition of a share in a UK online consumer credit company;
  • Advised on acquisition of a share in a German on-line food delivery company;
  • Advised on acquisition of a share in OneTwoTrip (online air tickets booking);
  • Advised on >US$ 100 mln Huawei equipment supply and buy-back;
  • Advised on >US$ 200 mln Samsung equipment supply financing;
  • Advised on eurobonds US$ 175 mln restructuring;
  • Supervision of a lawsuit against Bank of Cyprus over US$30mln;
  • Assisted to a team in charge of the reform of aviation insurance in France;
  • Advised on US$ 300 mln French Guiana cosmodrome development agreement.


09/2014 - 08/2016, Commercial law, LL.M., University of Manchester
10/2007 - 09/2008, Master 2 Juriste d'affaires internationales, University of Dijon
09/2003 - 08/2006, Bachelor in Economics (accounting and audit), Moscow State Industrial University
09/1999 - 06/2004, Russian civil/business law, L.LB, Moscow State Industrial University


Regulated by CILEx
Client oriented
Attention to detail
Team player
Legal research
Coaching of junior lawyers
High value contracts
Financial background


English law and common law
Contract law
Equity and Trusts
Russian law
Russian contract law
Russian corporate law
International tax
Structuring of transactions
International tax planning
Negotiations and Drafting
Legal drafting
Solicitation of new clients
Solicitation of new clients
Position Overview:

Legal Counsel

A legal counsel is essentially an attorney of law who provides guidance, advice, and sometimes representation for their clients or employers – individuals, corporations, or organizations. Responsibilities that are taken on by a legal counsel can be anything from providing client representation on civil and criminal cases to leading a company’s or non-profit’s legal team along with aiding in compliance and litigation efforts. Legal counsel professionals have to have the characteristics and skills of any good lawyer – quick wits, a problem-solving mindset, good memory, and good communication skills. Of course, as attorneys, they are required to hold a diploma in Law.

Company Overview:

CyprusNet is, in their own words “a Vertical Portal Network” that contains information and resources about Cypriot businesses and Service Companies. They filter industries and services into Vortals, where consumer can easily locate the company that they would like to find information on. They are unique in actually running more than two hundred portals which all rely on easily memorable domain names. Working for this kind of firm may be draining, as everyone is tasked with monitoring companies all around the country, and either getting access or updating the information on the platform accordingly. With a dedicated and rewarding environment, this can be easily overcome though.

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How to write your own Legal Counsel resume?

1. Make sure to demonstrate prestige

The lawyer profession has a lot of tradition and history behind it. Hence, there is a lot of space to use long built-up institutions of the practice to build up a personal prestige or reputation.

Among these institutions are prestigious old law faculties of universities. A good thing is that every system of law, meaning every country, has schools which carry with them this historical legal prestige. If you went to one of these schools to get your legal education, it would only be beneficial for you to mention that on your resume. Moreover, if you went to schools in multiple countries, it can give readers the signal that you have a background in multiple legal systems.

Legal Counsel Education Example

  • "Commercial law, LL.M. / University of Manchester (09/2014 – 08/2016)"

  • "Master 2 Juriste d’affaires internationales / University of Dijon (10/2007 – 09/2008)"

  • "Bachelor in Economics (accounting and audit) / Moscow State Industrial University (09/2003 – 08/2006)"

  • "Russian civil/business law, L.LB / Moscow State Industrial University (09/1999 – 06/2004)"

2. Give readers a glimpse of your legal toolkit

When hiring someone to do legal counsel, any company wants to save money by having to hire fewer people who can take on more work. That does not necessarily mean fewer people taking longer hours. Just fewer people who have a broader knowledge of the law, meaning they can perform more tasks that relate to the law.

If you do have a wide legal toolkit – having knowledge of multiple countries’ legal systems, areas of the law, or specific legislation – be sure to include that in your resume. Also, include a way by which you can set the employer’s expectations for your expertise in these topics so that they know where you can have the biggest impact.

Legal Counsel Skills Example

English Law and Common Law

  • "M&A - Excellent"

  • "Contract law - Excellent"

  • "Equity and Trusts - Excellent"

Russian Law

  • "Russian contract law - Excellent"

  • "Russian corporate law - Excellent"

3. Keep it clear and short

Despite this profession carrying a lot of possible weight due to its history and infrastructure, try to make use only of information that is relevant and present it clearly.

Going through pages and pages of information about one’s achievements or education can be quite daunting for recruiters. Even if it conveys prestige and expertise. If you overdo this aspect, it can actually be quite harmful to the impression you want to evoke in readers, since they can take it to be you “showing off” and no longer catering to the reason they wish to hire an attorney.

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