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10 - 49 employees
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35K - 50K USD per year

Are You An A-Level Talent Looking For The Ideal Place To Start Out Your Career In Sales and Customer Success?

Then this opportunity is perfect for you:

  • Learn the secrets of persuasion and sales psychology from some of the best salespeople in the world.
  • Sell industry-defining products of a revolutionary content marketing platform.
  • Manage close relationships with exceptional companies and learn how to be customer-centric
  • Gain precious experience in account management and customer success
  • Enjoy a young and dynamic company culture that prioritizes freedom, growth, and excellent performance-based pay.
  • It’s ok if you don’t have much experience as you will learn a tremendous amount – We are looking for people with great potential, and a passion for learning, and a knack for absorbing a lot of things

A little bit about us: helps small businesses compete with large companies for exposure online. Normally corporate giants have a huge financial advantage, but our innovative platform levels the playing field.

We do this by creating and publishing content for our customers across one of the largest networks of online sites on the market, including some of the most influential.

Our platform is the first and only of its kind. And in the last 7 years, we’ve helped tens of thousands of businesses.

Four Reasons To Join AmipFire As Key Account Manager

1.One-Of-A-Kind Mentorship In Sales and Customer Success: What's the number one predictor of your success in any endeavor? Most people would say natural ability. And they'd be way off. Nearly all successful people can trace their later achievements back to one or a few mentors that had a huge impact on them - especially early on in their development. They couldn't have attained their success without this help. And that's why this opportunity is so special. You'll get to start out your journey in sales and customer success under one of the best teams in the business. Under our guidance, you’ll master everything that's needed to become great at sales and customer success, with special emphasis on persuasion and deep sales psychology, and on customer-centric operating models.


2.Grow Fast: Being part of a rapidly growing company creates major opportunities for you. Riding this wave of growth will further your career much faster than working for a more mature company. Moreover, the potential for growth is especially large in this role. If rapid growth is a priority for you - as it should be at the start of your career - this position is for you.


3.Work with A Revolutionary Product: Our platform is completely unique in the online marketing space. And most importantly, it just works. Our customers see huge results. Our products are like a lifeline their business desperately needs. It's great for our customers because their business can thrive thanks to our products. And it's great for you as the sales and customer success person because selling something so helpful will make your job much easier and ensuring that our customers reap the benefits and see results is almost guaranteed.


4.Join An Outstanding Company Culture: We want to attract the best talent to our company. So we had to create an environment that the most talented people wanted to join. We embraced remote work and flexible schedules long before the pandemic. It just makes much more sense than the outdated 9-5/chained-to-your-desk model so many companies still practice. If you need days off, take as many as you want. No one is counting them for you. As long as you handle your responsibilities, that's all we care about. And, of course, the pay - We know that there are many companies that would want you on their team. So our offer has to be very competitive. We make sure our 60+ strong remote team is a tight-knit group. Once a year we get together somewhere in the world to get to know each other in a new context. We’ve hit London, Lisbon, and Malta already. And this year we'll travel to a new destination. Join our team, and you will enjoy a company culture unlike any other.

Your job as Key Account Manager will be to:

  • Convince our existing customers to purchase more of your campaigns (Amps)
  • Demonstrate the power of our platform to customers, ensuring that they start using it to their full advantage
  • Accompany our customers towards results and success, increasing usage and value add

Here's What We Expect From You:

  • Although we’d rather you have some experience in sales or customer success, this is not a requirement; however, you will need to demonstrate a sustained interest in sales and customer success from you.
  • You are well-read and have a serious commitment to personal development.
  • You are customer-focused with the ability to listen, build strong relationships, and overcome concerns – You understand how important it is for a customer to see results from the products they buy.
  • You are a self-starter with an entrepreneurial attitude. We are willing to make a huge investment in you. You need to bring the heart and the drive.
  • Although we’d rather you have some experience in sales and/or account management, this is not a requirement; however, you will need to demonstrate a sustained interest in sales and customer success.
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