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How does it work?


Create or upload a resume.

You can either create your resume using Kickresume’s own resume builder or upload one you’ve already created elsewhere.


Let your new job find you.

We analyze your resume and compare it against thousands of job offers in our database. Both you and recruiters are instantly able to see if there is a match.


Good or better options?

You don’t have to lift a finger (if you don’t want to), yet you’re still searching for a job. Recruiters will only contact you if you’re already a good fit for a given position.

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Don’t search for a job. Let it find you.

All you have to do is tell us what are your expectations from a job and create a resume. Then we can start matching your profile with job offers from recruiters. If you’re a fit, you can either contact them or wait until they reach out to you.

  • Receive job offers for jobs for which you’re already a perfect fit.
  • All job posts include a salary range.
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Need a resume? Try our AI resume tool.

You can use your premium resume to apply for remote jobs inside our job board without having to pay for a premium Kickresume subscription. The same goes for the rest of our toolbox.

  • Create an amazing resume for free.
  • Added advantage of using the Kickresume toolbox to create a resume, cover letter, and more.
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Work on your terms, wherever you are.

Don’t let geography limit your potential. Apply for jobs from all across the globe and earn the way you deserve. Kickresume has already helped more than 1,300,000 people get a job they love. You can be next.

  • Apply for remote jobs from all across the globe.
  • Don’t build your life around a job. Get a job that fits with wherever you are in life.
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Bezpečnosť a ochrana údajov

Kickresume ti dáva plnú kontrolu nad tvojimi osobnými údajmi a zároveň ich udržuje v bezpečí.

Sme súčasťou

Európskej únie

Sídlime v jednej z krajín Európskej únie, čo znamená, že podliehame prísnemu zákonu o ochrane osobných údajov (GDPR). To ti dáva úplnú kontrolu nad tvojimi údajmi a zaisťuje maximálnu transparentnosť.


Lojalita k zákazníkom

Naša filozofia je, že byť lojálny k zákazníkom sa oplatí. Kickresume sme vybudovali na dôvere zákazníkov a nechceme ju stratiť. Tvoje osobné údaje nezdieľame tretím stranám bez tvojho predchádzajúceho súhlasu.


Testované etickými hackermi

Vďaka našej spolupráci s poprednou IT spoločnosťou na ochranu a zabezpečenie webových stránok pravidelne testujeme našu infraštruktúru penetračnými testami. Vďaka tomu sú tvoje dáta v absolútnom bezpečí.

Časté otázky

Ak tu nenájdeš odpovede na svoje otázky, obráť sa na našu zákaznícku podporu. Radi ti pomôžu.

Kickresume’s remote job board can match you with employers who’re looking for someone with your skills and experience — you! We can also introduce your profile to that employer, allowing them to contact you first, if that’s what you prefer.

At Kickresume we’re already pretty good at helping people get hired. With our resume builder alone, we’ve already helped more than 1,300,000 people worldwide land jobs at some really great companies.

Our remote jobs board takes that one step further. We want to stay with you to the very end of your job seeking journey, not just help you write a great resume or cover letter.

Still, that resume and cover letter are a great start. All you have to do now is give us your permission to use it to find you a job that might suit you.

We have developed an algorithm that can analyze both resumes and job ads alike, and look for any points of intersection. It simulates the initial resume scan performed by an ATS or a recruiter and does it in a way that maximizes your chances of getting hired.

Because normally you can only apply for one job at a time. Once you do that, your resume is compared against the job description and if it doesn’t fit, its journey ends there. By contrast, Kickresume never stops looking for jobs that fit your resume.

In the end, it’s a win-win scenario for everybody.

Oh, and don’t worry, we do not and will not use any of your data unless you give us an explicit permission to do that.


What’s more, all resumes and cover letters created with Kickresume can be used inside the job board for free. Even those that use premium customization options.


We take privacy and data security very seriously. What’s more, we’re based in the European Union, which means that your data is being protected by the world’s toughest privacy and security law (GDPR).

This means that you have a complete control over your data and we have to be completely transparent about how we use it.

In other words, we’re always going to ask first.

No. Kickresume’s remote job board is a separate product and is completely free of charge.

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