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Global Services IT Professional Resume Example (Textová verzia)

Amrit Adwani

Email address:
Phone number: 555-555-5555


Results-oriented professional carrying 2+ years of industry experience in web application development using JAVA, seeking to leverage his technical skills in development of robust software solutions.

  • Currently associated with SoftDEL, a UNIDEL company, Pune as a Software Engineer.
  • Proficient in developing web applications using Java EE, RESTful web services and Spring Boot.
  • Adept in end-to-end software development from requirements analysis, designing, implementation, developer testing, debugging and documentation.
  • Strong analytical, problem solving skills along with excellent communication (verbal and written) and interpersonal skills.

Technical Skills

  • Java Technologies: Java 1.8, Java EE Servlet, RESTful (JAX-RS), Spring Boot, Hibernate.
  • Web Technologies: HTML, Javascript, Ajax, Flask.
  • Databases: MongoDB, Redis, InfluxDB, MySQL.
  • Application Server: Apache-Tomcat 9.
  • Unit Testing: JUnit, TestNG.
  • Logging framework: Log4j
  • Scripting: Bash, Python 3.

Work experience

09/2017 - present, SoftDEL, Pune

Project: Lora-BACnet Gateway

Client: Zurn Industries


This gateway is a low configuration embedded device that hosts four applications which help in exposing smart plumbing devices to Building Management Systems (BMS) by mapping them with virtual BACnet devices.

SDLC: Waterfall

Team Size: 5

Profile: Front-end developer

Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, Flask, SQLite.


  • Designed wire-frames and developed prototypes based on high level requirements for approval from client before proceeding with feature implementation
  • Developed an independent front end application using flask hosted on Lighttpd web server.

Project: Network Metered Block

Client: TehnipFMC


Networked Meter Block is a low configuration embedded device that hosts an application to be deployed in oil and gas industries to monitor and calculate the metrics of crude oil being extracted and diagnose anomalies which are then indicated to the operator through alarms and events.

SDLC: Agile

Team Size: 6

Profile: Front-end developer

Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, Selenium, Python.


  • Undertook the role of a front end developer for new feature implementations, defect fixes and enhancements of Human Machine Interaction.
  • Designed wire-frames and developed prototypes based on high level requirements for approval from client before proceeding with feature implementation.
  • Implemented asynchronous Ajax calls in the entire HMI to display dynamically changing data.
  • Devised an automation testing setup for HMI using Selenium and Python.

Project: EddificeEdge

Client: Intel


EddificeEdge is a building management platform that allows building facility management to monitor, control and schedule up to 40000 BACNET and MODBUS compliant HVAC, lighting, elevator, smoke sensor and shade control systems from within the site or remotely.The system also aims at recording telemetry data pertaining to energy consumption and event logs of these devices in a time series database for analysis and optimization.

SDLC: Agile

Team Size: 18

Profile: Java Developer

Technologies: Java (Core/Advance), Servlet, Spring Boot, Jersey (JAX-RS), MongoDB, InfluxDB, Docker Container, MQTT.


  • Involved in analysis, design, development and implementation of this project.
  • Implemented REST microservices using Servlet, Jersey (JAX-RS), Spring Boot across 3 modules respectively.
  • Implemented service layer using Spring IOC , annotations and Controllers using Spring MVC.
  • Implemented microservice intercommunication using Java Networking (HttpsURLConnection).
  • Configured and deployed applications on Tomcat 9 server.
  • Validated incoming and outgoing data through APIs against JSON schemas.
  • Leveraged multithreading and Singleton design pattern for efficient business logic.


2017, Bachelor's in Computer Science & Engineering, Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pune
  • Graduated scoring First Class with Distinction, 67.8%.
  • Committee member of annual tech-fest 'Texephyr' for three years which honed my event organization and management skills.
2013, S.M.Choksey Junior College, Pune

Scored 68% marks in H.S.C Board Exam.

2011, J.N.Petit Technical High School, Pune

Scored 82% marks in S.S.C Board Exam.



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