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How do You List Cognitive Traits on a Resume?

WHAT are cognitive traits?

Everyone has a unique set of cognitive traits. The combination of these determines how you learn, remember, and solve problems. Your cognitive traits shape how you engage with the world around you; including how you perform at a given job.

For example, answering the phone employs a relatively wide variety of cognitive traits. It involves perception (you hear the ring tone), decision making (are you going to answer or not?), motor skill (lifting the phone), language skills (understanding and talking with a person on the other end), and social skills.

For this reason, discovering your unique cognitive traits can be incredibly useful especially if you’re not sure what job you’re best-suited for.

WHY should you include your cognitive traits on a resume?

Recruiters keep discovering new ways of finding the ever-elusive perfect candidate. Cognitive traits analysis is one of the newest tools at their disposal. As an aspiring job candidate, you should keep up with these developments.

Besides, when you tell recruiters what are your strongest cognitive traits, you make a strong point for your candidacy. Take it as a more persuasive way of the not old-fashioned soft skills section.

Finally, you should also know that the cognitive traits test is based on decades of MIT neuroscience research. For these reasons, it’s becoming a widely accepted HR tool. Just google “pymetrics” and see for yourself.

HOW do you put your cognitive traits on a resume?

Discovering your cognitive traits can be as simple as playing a set of web games. Visit our Job Advisor, play 12 games, and voila! The Job Advisor will tell you what are your strongest cognitive traits and even suggest a number of careers that play to your strengths. This is how you do it:

  1. Play the games and discover your unique cognitive traits.
  2. Compose your resume in Kickresume resume builder.
  3. Add a traits section to your resume.
  4. Explore the Job Advisor to find out what traits are related to your target position.
  5. Add the relevant cognitive traits to your resume. Never include more than 4 of them.
  6. Profit.

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