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How to Include Social Media on a Resume

WHY should you include your social media on a resume? 

As soon as you get to the last round of interviews, your potential employer is going to look at your online footprint (84% of them do it). Your social media profiles are among the first things that’ll pop up. 

If this sounds like a bad thing, remember you’re the administrator of your social media profiles. You have almost full control over what hiring managers are going to see when they look you up. 

You can do two things. First, make sure your public profiles show only the things you want them to see. Second, use your resume to steer them towards the profiles you want them to se the most.

WHICH social media profiles should you include on a resume?

  • Always include your LinkedIn, no matter the industry. Think of it as an extension of your resume—it should contain anything you couldn’t fit on your resume due to space constraints. 
  • Although Facebook is officially a no-no, your profile should still look “normal”. Potential employers are going to take interest in it only as far as to see whether you’re not a bad person.
  • Only include Twitter if you regularly tweet about relevant trends in your industry. If it’s mostly for personal use, skip it.

Ultimately, much will depend on your profession and industry. Apart from the big three above, make sure to point your potential employers in direction of your online portfolios, project websites, GitHub repositories, or even your Instagram (if you’re creative).

Keep in mind that anything that helps you show your skills and expertise is worth including on a resume.

HOW should you list your social media on a resume?

Create a separate resume section for your social media profiles. Then make sure that links to each of your profiles are easily understood by humans. Take Twitter as an example. 

  • NO: https://twitter.com/Kickresume
  • YES: @Kickresume

You get the idea. Pick the one that reads better and follow the same principle with each social media profile you want to include on your resume. When it comes to LinkedIn, remember to personalize the URL that takes to your LinkedIn profile page. Make it short and professional.

  • NO: https://www.facebook.com/kickresume
  • YES: /kickresume

Finally, if you’re using Kickresume to create your resume, don’t forget to use an icon instead of a platform’s full name. We’ve got icons for every major social platform out there.  

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