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Bouncer Cover Letter Sample (Textová verzia)

Mariano Manzanares

QQ Club, Inc.
Toronto, ON, Canada
Application for the position of Bouncer

Dear Hiring Managers,

Thank you for the opportunity to submit my application for the Bouncer job within QQ Club, Inc. in Toronto, ON. I am certain that my developed qualities and skills make a perfect candidate for the role and if given the opportunity, I will be coming to you with a pro-active approach, exceptional work ethic, and determination to meet and exceed all your expectations.

First and foremost, I am a Certified Bodyguard possessing excellent physical stamina and the crucial ability to remain calm in stressful situations. At GS4 Club, Inc., where I worked as a Bouncer for more than 2 years, I was given the responsibility for collecting and controlling IDs, maintaining an all-time secure environment, and circulating among visitors to protect the property. Additionally, I:

  • Resolved any problematic issues, identified and reported critical situations, and monitored other employees to ensure that all safety guidelines were followed.
  • Collected payments, greeted patrons, and performed security patrols when needed.
  • Communicated with managers and executed other tasks as required.

Next, I am a native Portuguese speaker with a proficiency in English and a basic knowledge of Spanish which has proved to be important numerous times throughout the years. Offering great critical thinking skills, I am an effective team player with the First Aid License. Last but not least, I would appreciate the opportunity to come in for an interview to discuss the position and my qualifications in more detail in person. I can be contacted at any time at 555-555-5555 or via email at

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Mariano Manzanares

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