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10 - 49 employees
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Marketing / PR
70K - 120K USD per year
Mid, Senior

In this position, there are two stages:

  • First 3-6 months... You will work closely with Boris Borisov (CPO & Co-founder) over the two existing product teams in the company (5 developers, 1 designer at the moment). The goal will be to add velocity to the PM function, and to exchange best practices where needed.
  • Afterwards... You will set up your own product team and lead it. You will get 1 to 3 Objectives and Key Results to achieve (for specified part of the overall product), and a product team to achieve the goals. From there, you will be mostly autonomous on how to achieve those goals.

We think about the Product Management role at this stage along these activities:

  • Product discovery: Figure out what features need to be built.
  • Work with Design: Collaborate with the Head of Design to produce designs, do 1on1s.
  • Define tasks to be built: Write the tasks for the engineering team.
  • Managing Engineering: Collaborate with the Engineering team, e.g. stand-ups, 1on1s.
  • Manual testing: The PM role is currently doing the final manual testing before releasing.
  • Other ad-hoc activities: such as planning how to scale the team, interviewing job candidates

Besides being relatively extreme in how results-oriented and hard-working we are, we are also very down-to-earth, practical and helpful. We also value highly contributions regardless of title or tenure. We hope you like those things as much as we do.

Your Profile

Experience leading a software project (minimum 2-3 years, preferably 5+ years):

  • Working with the design team to make designs
  • Writing task specifications for the developers
  • Managing the developer team (stand-ups, 1on1s)
  • Doing manual testing

Excellent communication skills (incl. direct communication)

Excellent collaboration and teamwork skills

Very good people leadership/management skills

Very good organizational skills, structure and processes

Very driven and effective (top 20% performer and fast career trajectory)

Taking ownership and solving problems proactively

Would like to work at a dynamic, fast-scaling startup (3-5x growth per year).

With all the challenges of this (ambiguity, rapid decision-making, sometimes lack of data, internal capacity challenges).

Loves remote work and our product. Understands our product.

Nice-to-have skills:

Experience from the recruiting products and/or marketplaces

Experience from teams that have a good automated testing setup

Experience from multi-team product organization and scaling product.

Product discovery skills (figuring out what tasks need to be built, e.g. qualitative and quantitative methods, product sense and experimentation)

Programming skills or technical understanding, the better

Design skills are not needed for this role, but still they are beneficial

Business skills and strategy skills are very beneficial

Note: If you come from a Project Management background, this would be quite alright. We will put a lot of attention to train you in the skills that you are missing for being a Product Manager.

Why should you apply?

  • 👉 Work on a successful in-house product! Fast growing product with perfect timing.
  • 👉 Unlimited growth opportunities! We will invest in you, and there is lots of room for growrth.
  • 👉 Work with great colleagues! There is no corporate bullshit and everyone knows their stuff.
  • 👉 Work from anywhere you want! From the comfort of your home to a different continent.
  • 👉 Work closely with the CPO! Learn from his ~10 years of experience in product teams.
  • 👉 Have major positive impact on the world! We help people to find better jobs.
  • 👉 Competitive compensation! Performance gets recognized and rewarded.

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