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75K - 110K USD per year
Junior, Mid
United States


For this role, you should already be a proficient senior Python programmer who wants to work with data at scale. In this position, you will:

  • Write Python code using standard methodologies. See The Elements of Python Style, written by our founding CTO, for an example of our approach to code readability and design.
  • Analyze data at an extensive scale. You need to be comfortable with the idea of your code running across 3,000 Python cores, thanks to process-level parallelization.
  • Brainstorm new product ideas and directions with the team and customers. You need to be a good communicator, especially in written form.
  • Master cloud technologies and systems. You should love UNIX and be able to reason about distributed systems. A favorite book of yours might be Designing Data-Intensive Applications (DDIA).


  • Python 3 for both backend and frontend.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) used for production and testing.
  • Modern databases like Elasticsearch, Redis, Cassandra, and Postgres.
  • Frameworks like Django, Tornado and the PyData stack (e.g. Pandas).
  • Kafka, Storm, Spark in production atop large data sets (terabytes per day).
  • Easy system management with Fabric, Ansible, and Terraform.


We are a fully distributed team, which means 100% of our engineers, designers, and product managers (including our founders & management team) work out of home offices. This has been true for years, long before the pandemic switched people’s work styles – so we have a thoughtful approach to fully distributed collaboration that has been refined over time.

We prefer to hire within timezone-aligned locations in North and South America for this role. We’ll give preference to those timezones, because even though we operate on a distributed/async model, we like to have timezone overlap for f2f (video) teamwork and pairing.


In February 2021, was acquired by Automattic's enterprise software division, WPVIP. Automattic is one of the biggest champions of open source and the open web, and also one of the top fully distributed employers in the world. Though you will interview for the team within WPVIP and Automattic, if you receive a job offer, it will be to become an Automattician, which means having colleagues who observe the Automattic creed and getting access to Automattic's excellent employee benefits. You can also view Automattic employee benefits by country here.

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