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Software Engineering
45K - 95K USD per year
Mid, Senior
European Union

The Backend department uses modern and innovative technologies to create our world-leading cybersecurity products. We have squads that work towards different goals, but we are mainly known as driven professionals writing quality code.

Main Responsibilities

  • Write clear, tested, documented code that delivers real business value;
  • Be involved in creating API's that developers (both internally and externally) really want to use;
  • Together with our core team deliver quality code-based solutions;
  • Some big pieces of work at the moment include building and maintaining our current APIs and backend solutions.

Core Requirements

  • At least 4+ years of experience working with PHP;
  • Understanding of OOP principles & good code design;
  • Previous experience in building highly scalable systems;
  • That you know a thing or two about API design;
  • Good (My)SQL knowledge and experience with big data quantities;
  • Knowledge of Docker, RabbitMQ and Redis is a plus;
  • That working with Git is nothing new to you.

Bonus Points for

  • Experience working in Microservices;
  • Knowledge in CQRS;
  • Fluency in Symfony;
  • Good knowledge of Plain PHP.

Tools You Will Use

  • PHP 8
  • Golang
  • Redis
  • Symfony
  • SLIM
  • GitlabCI
  • MySQL
  • Eloquent Active Record

Salary Range

  • Gross Salary 16819 - 32857 PLN/Month.

After you apply

Our recruitment process differs depending on specific positions and/or hiring teams. However, it tends to include the following three main stages and usually doesn’t exceed any more than five steps.

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