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50K - 80K USD per year
Mid, Senior
United States

The Influencer Partnerships Account Manager is a mid-to-senior level full-time position which is fully remote. You will be mentored by the Founder and report to our Director of Partnerships with an opportunity to grow after 1 year of employment.


  1. Influencer Management: Managing and growing your own book of YouTuber/IG influencer business and should be able to manage 50-75 influencers at a time. Negotiating with influencers and their managers to get the best rates and deliverables. Drafting and execution of influencer agreements
  2. Client Management: Helping to coordinate client's product samples and link creation. Working with clients on the influencer’s content approvals and using that content to amplify as whitelisting/ paid social media.
  3. Influencer Analysis: Influencer performance analysis – understanding why an influencer performed well or poorly and working with your roster to creatively find new strategies to increase views, click-through-rates and conversions. Monitoring and alerting clients when influencers go live
  4. Relationship Management: Coordinating frequent meetings and lunches with your partners to improve relationships and stay on top of current industry trends. Communicating with your partners to find ways to maintain low influencer costs and to identify new platforms to test among your roster of influencers to name a few.
  5. Strategic and Creative Thinking: Thinking outside the box to test new influencer categories and new social media channels which may include TikTok, SnapChat, Twitch, blogs, newsletters and more.



By 6 MONTHS to 1 YEAR…

  • You should be an expert on your roster of 50-100 influencers and talent managers including knowing their rates across all social medias inside-out, their best posting times for sales, receiving frequent added value, and having your partners conditioned to send content and post dates by client deadlines on a regular basis.
  • You should be an expert on all AP client protocols including their messaging briefs, deliverables, posting deadlines, budgets, demographics and more.
  • You should be able to complete your weekly Vital Factors with very few errors/comments which include renewing successful influencers, asking influencers for makegoods/added value and commenting on how to expand their presence across all AP clients.
  • Ideally managing roughly $200k - $400k in monthly gross influencer spend across all AP clients.


  • The ideal candidate will already have hundreds of influencer/agency contacts and relationships readily available and will be able to manage 50-75 influencers at a time.
  • Detail oriented is an understatement
  • Innately entrepreneurial- jack of all trade’s mindset
  • Ability to thrive in an extremely fast-paced environment is vital for success.
  • Enjoys a family culture - work hard, play hard attitude


  • 2- 4 years influencer marketing experience is strongly preferred.
  • 1- 3 years brand experience is a huge plus, but not necessarily mandatory.
  • Possessed and passionate about influencer marketing. Embodies grit and tenacity- the desire to be the best at what you do
  • Exceptional verbal/written communication skills 
  • Goal and deadline-oriented (sales minded)

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