Digital Experience Designer at GMR Marketing

Job detail

80K - 100K USD per year
Junior, Mid, Senior
United States

As our Digital Experience Designer, you’ll be a member of our versatile Experience Technology Creative team. In this role, you’ll need to ensure technology is providing consumers with high quality experiences. It’s these experiences that will help drive customer engagement through connected storytelling and increasing value for brands. This role is groundbreaking in the sense that rather than focusing on a single system, you’ll focus on multiple digital touchpoints to ensure customers have a seamless experience. This could include web, mobile, immersive and passive technologies.


To thrive in this role, you’ll need mid-level design experience and naturally be an out of the box, creative thinker. We are looking for someone who is not afraid to bring new ideas to the table confidently, think through unprecedented solutions, and has meticulous attention to detail. You will be involved in the process from the very start at the research and design stage, all the way through to usability testing, when the process will often start again, so improvements are continuously made.


Please submit your portfolio or work samples to be considered for this role.   



We are the Experience Agency Making Unforgettable Stories Born of Humanity 



The lines have blurred. People live in the physical, digital, and social worlds all at once, and your brand experiences should do the same. 



The best stories are lived, not heard. Make an immersive world for people to explore so they can experience something they’ll never forget. 



It all starts with the human. If you want to make a lasting impact, look beyond the wallet to understand what motivates and inspires people. 




  • Creativity. You work your best when thinking “out of the box” and working in territory that doesn’t have a reference guide. In this role you will visually communicate conceptual ideas and fill in missing pieces to present a well thought out concept.
  • Design Skills. You understand information architecture, wireframing, prototyping, user experience, interactive capabilities, and web / mobile (native) technologies. This in partnership with a strong ability to lead your projects strategically and aesthetically will set you up for success.
  • Ownership. You are proud of the work you create and can present that back to clients and your internal product team to get constructive feedback. You are able to remain calm and adapt to change in these meetings with potentially changing project deadlines.
  • Passion. You love the work that you do and want every project to be more unique and memorable then the last. This passion is built off your love for graphic design, digital standards and behavioral intelligence.
  • Versatile. You enjoy working on different projects and feel motivated by new challenges, having no two weeks the same. This is important in this role as you will support a variety of clients in many different projects.  




We seek a diversity of backgrounds and perspectives so we can create memories that matter for everyone. 


We strive for equity by meeting people where they are, eliminating barriers, and building on their unique talents so we can maximize everyone’s contribution. We seek to recognize, grow and unleash the perspective and possibility of each individual on our team.  


Together, we’re on a powerful journey.


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