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Linaro’s well-established team is looking for help to do just that. Linaro is looking for an experienced developer to work on expanding support for Virtualization in our Trusted Reference Stack by integrating VirtIO support for guests.

A typical day may include writing device backends in Rust, integrating those backends into a Yocto-based build and verifying functionality by building and running guest images that exercise those interfaces via new tests. Our development is predominantly done in the open and often directly in the upstream projects. There will also be code reviews and troubleshooting, working collaboratively with engineers within Linaro and the broader open-source community.

While most of the work will be in user space the candidate should be familiar with the Linux kernel API and the interactions between user space, the kernel and hypervisors when servicing the needs of virtualized guests. The candidate will have a history of contributing to publicly developed open-source projects. They must be comfortable using git and web-based development workflows (e.g. GitHub or GitLab).

The candidate should be comfortable working with Rust and have written at least some production-level quality code. They should be familiar with common Rust development patterns and idioms. While the role will not require writing anything in C, the candidate should be capable of reading and understanding user space and kernel code to a good enough level to troubleshoot and debug issues across the whole stack practically.

They should have enough knowledge of shell scripting to effectively work with the Yocto build system to integrate their work with it. The candidate will understand the importance of good test coverage to ensure high code quality in the final product. The ideal candidate will be familiar with the Xen hypervisor and its tooling. They should also be able to use QEMU’s emulation abilities to debug complex interactions between the various layers of the virtualised stack. Familiarity with the OASIS specification process and experience with evolving standards through committees would also be useful. Understanding the Linux graphics stack and knowledge of accelerated 3D graphics would be a bonus.

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