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Software Engineering
109K - 140K USD per year
United States | Canada

Our talented team of developers have re-invented the term “Full Stack Developer,” developing everything from Vue.js on the frontend to Ansible/Bash scripts for the workers. They also manage our SaaS app infrastructure, CI/CD pipelines, and handle technical support escalations.

While it can be really great to have variety in one’s job, it’s no fun to be stretched thin. Our dev team is currently doing too many things. That’s where you come in.

I’m looking for a Senior DevOps Engineer who will collaborate with our dev team. They will use their experience and expertise to help the dev team design and implement the app’s workers, manage our infrastructure and CI/CD pipelines, and take over as the primary contact for support escalations.

(If that last part scares you, know that we only provide typical SaaS support, during our work hours Monday to Friday. No one is on call. We don’t provide 24×7 incident response or anything like that.)


  • Help design and build new features using PHP (Laravel), Ansible and Bash
  • Support our customers via email
  • Monitor and maintain Linux servers
  • Maintain and improve CI/CD pipelines
  • Write documentation


  • 5+ years of DevOps experience supporting a complex SaaS web application
  • Expert Linux sysadmin skills including maintenance, security, backups, monitoring, etc. (Ubuntu)
  • Advanced Bash scripting skills
  • Experience with infrastructure configuration management tools (Ansible)
  • Experience designing and implementing CI/CD pipelines
  • Experience developing web apps
  • Knowledgeable in Web-Queue-Worker architecture
  • Familiar with systems and networking (DNS, SSH, HTTP)
  • Excellent English communication skills (spoken and written)
  • Self-motivated and work well independently
  • Love working remotely

Bonus Points

  • Strong PHP development skills
  • Experience building a web app using Laravel
  • Javascript development experience
  • Experience with hosting WordPress
  • Open source contributions
  • Computer Science degree or equivalent
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